Unique Ways to Get Fit

When your friends ask if you want to hit the “Barre” you may want to make sure you know whether you’ll be hitting happy hour or checking out one of the more popular fitness classes that is quickly becoming a fitness fan favorite. Most barre-based classes incorporate a combination of ballet-inspired postures, yoga and Pilates. The actual barre is used for balance while you are doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (contracting a specific set of muscles while holding your body still) in combination of high reps of smaller range-of-motion movements. Your class may also incorporate small hand weights and mats for core-targeted work. Major benefits of Barre include improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and decreased stress. Thinking about trying a class? Just grab some yoga-like gear (leggings and a tank or t-shirt will do) and skip the expensive sneakers – most classes are done in bare feet or “grippy” socks to prevent slipping. The best part – Barre classes combine strength training and cardio, so you’ll be burning fat and building muscle at the same time – the stronger you get, the more calories you’ll be burning around the clock! Plie your way to a healthier you!
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Ballroom Dance
If you’ve ever come across a dance competition show on TV, you’ve no doubt noticed that those professional dancers are in fantastic shape. There’s a reason for that – ballroom dance can be an amazing, full body workout that is fun and safe on your joints (when done properly.) Dancing and having a strong core go hand in hand, and the movements done with ballroom dance work all the muscle groups in your body while stabilizing your core. Pendulum and twisting movements activate your obliques and abdominal muscles. Basic steps from popular dances like the Cha-Cha-Cha, Merengue, Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot, Swing and more are all terrific ways to get your heart rate up (getting that cardio in) and tone you from the tips of your fingers to the toes of your dance shoes. Whether you want to take a ballroom fitness inspired workout class or make a date night of it and sign up for dance lessons, you’ll be dancing your way to a healthier you and having a great time doing it!
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You may not have considered the sport of fencing as a way to get a whole different type of workout added to your fitness regimen, but don’t be “foiled” – fencing is both a fun and demanding way to exercise. Fencing is a full body workout that will challenge muscle groups from your feet and lower legs all the way through your body to your neck, shoulders and arms. This sport will help develop your speed, agility, strength, coordination, balance and timing. The mental edge that comes with fencing skill and strategy accompanies your increased dexterity and aerobic fitness. Fencing calls for quick movements to counter attacks from your opponent, emphasizing agility, alertness, and endurance. The benefits from fencing include increased flexibility, mental strength and concentration, increased speed, agility, even opportunity for competition. You may not be aware, but many schools offer fencing scholarships! Fencing requires movements that are precise in order to be powerful. In order to attain that precision, your body must become flexible and strong and your mind must be sharp and reactive. Fencing movements require you to move your body in a multitude of ways, coordinating your arms and legs in a harmonious fashion while coordinating your sword work. Whether you see yourself taking part of a sport from an era gone by or fancy yourself more of a Jedi in training, fencing is an insanely fun way to increase cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength and endurance, coordination and mental agility.
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When something has been around for more than 5,000 years, it can hardly be considered a fad. Yoga is a total mind-body workout combining strengthening poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. There are seemingly limitless varieties of yoga, ranging from fast-paced, more intense variations to more gentle and relaxing forms, so there’s definitely one for everybody. A little Yoga 101 – Hatha is often what people think of when they think of yoga; it combines a series of movements/poses and breathing techniques. Vinyasa uses a series of poses that flow into one another, while Ashtanga is a series of poses combined with a special breathing technique. Iyengar uses props like blocks, straps and chairs to help move your body into the proper alignment. Power yoga is just what it sounds like, a higher-intensity practice that will definitely help you build muscle. Bikram or “hot yoga” is a series of challenging poses done in a room heated to a high temperature. The intensity of your yoga workout is determined by the variety of yoga you choose but all yoga practices will work your core, tone arms and legs, back and glutes, increase your flexibility and strength and, even though yoga isn’t considered an aerobic exercise, you will most definitely sweat (especially in those power and Bikram yoga classes!) Grab your yoga mat and get ready to work!
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