Summer Concert Series

If you’ve ever been to a show at Red Rocks or Fiddler’s Green, you know what an amazing thing it is to sit out in the sun, or under the stars, and take in a fantastic concert. Parker may not have a huge, natural rock formation that doubles as an outdoor amphitheater, but we do have our own way to enjoy wonderful, outdoor concerts, right in the heart of Downtown Parker. Discovery Park’s nearly acre and a half of space not only houses a 900 square foot water feature, perfect for cooling off during the sizzling summer months, but also the performance stage on the north end of the park, which leaves little excuse to not get out and enjoy the show!

Throughout the summer, Parker Arts is offering FREE concerts in the park as part of their Summer Concert Series. Bring your picnic blankets and your lawn/camping chairs and make yourself comfortable! Due to the open-space nature of this event, no alcoholic beverages are permitted at the concert, but you are allowed to bring in coolers, cloth bags and picnic baskets. If you don’t feel like packing in, there is a concession stand available on site and periodic food trucks with a variety of food available to purchase.

Strollers, lawn chairs (under 32” tall), seat cushions, blankets (no larger than 8’x8’), and service animals are also permitted. Limited seating is available around the fire pits around the skating slip, so concert goers are encouraged to arrive a bit early and find a good spot for their chairs and blankets. If it is a highly attended event, visitors may be asked to condense their blanket area to allow more room for others. Certain areas of the park are marked off before each concert to create aisles and provide a more comfortable concert experience and allow for emergency access. Seating in these areas will not be allowed.
Umbrellas, shade tents and other large items are only allowed in the back and along the sides of Discovery Park. Any item found to be obstructing the views of others may be relocated or removed from the event. Smoking, in any form, is not allowed within 15’ of any entrance into a Town of Parker building. During the Free Summer Concert Series, smoking is not allowed within the seating area of any performance.

All shows in the Summer Concert series are held, rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, concert activities will pause until it is determined by event staff that it is safe to continue. Any weather-related actions will be announced through Discovery Park’s public announcement system.

This summer’s line-up includes:

HomeSlice – July 5th at 6pm:
This Denver-based group is a high energy, nine-piece vocal and horn musical powerhouse performing everything from funk to soul, jazz to rock, swing to ballads and old school to modern originals. With their enthusiastic and animated performances, you’re sure to be singing, dancing and laughing right along! HomeSlice has it all.

Soul X – July 12th at 6pm:
Whether it’s current Top 40, Motown, Blues, 80’s, or Country, Funk, Soul X’s high-energy performances featuring exceptional vocals backed by authentic musicianship, bring a rare combination of talent, expertise, versatility, showmanship, and fun to every show

Wash Park – July 19th at 6pm:
Voted as Denver A-List’s #2 Band in the state, Wash Park has been delighting crowds for nearly ten years. This power house of a group features dynamic vocalists, a full horn section, and a rhythm section that delivers an experience like no other. What really sets this band apart is its powerful and faithful reproductions of the horn band era dance music from the 70’s to the top 40 hits of today. With a fully choreographed show, Wash Park is your cure for standard entertainment.

That Eighties Band – July 26th at 6pm:
A local favorite, That Eighties Band’s repertoire covers a vast selection of beloved 80’s songs that will have you up and dancing the minute those familiar tunes start. From the fiery guitar of Van Halen’s “Jump” to the irresistibly catchy Michael Jackson classic “Billy Jean,” or other hits like “Jessie’s Girl,” “Push It,” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” their shows are exciting and glamorous from start to finish. Summer Concert finale

Summer Concert Finale –
Tunisia – August 2nd at 6pm:
The Summer Concert series concludes with Tunisia, a dynamic show that will cover a number of styles, ranging from modern hits to Classic Rock, R&B to Disco, Motown to Hip-Hop, and Standard Jazz to Swing. This talented group features the front line vocals of Orlando Poole, Yvonne Brown, and Stephen Wilburn, along with three horns, and a four piece rhythm section. Their charming enthusiasm, professional choreography, and infections, high energy are the perfect way to close out a season of spectacular shows in Discovery Park!

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