Staying Connected with the Parker Police Department

Staying Connected with the Parker Police Department

By Josh Hans, Parker Police Department PIO
The Parker Police Department utilizes the community policing philosophy. We understand the importance of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address issues. Effective communication with residents is a critical component of community policing. Whether it’s through our website, social media or personal interaction, the more robust the dialogue, the more we understand the public’s needs and the better we can communicate our messages. In an effort to bring communication to Parker residents’ smartphones, the Parker Police Department has begun using an app, MyPD.

MyPD is a smartphone app that allows users to submit crime tips, ask questions, give feedback or read the latest PD news on their smartphone. In addition, users will find many other useful public safety tools aggregated on their app; crime maps, sex offender information, information on missing children and much more.

How it Works. When a user submits a tip or any other information, it generates an email that is sent to the Parker Police Department. The app has been designed so that each tip is sent to appropriate individuals responsible for each issue. If you submit a tip about an issue at a school, it is emailed to our Student Resource Officers and their Sergeant. Sending emails directly to those responsible will cut down on response time for each email. MyPD should not be used when immediate assistance is needed. For emergencies residents should dial 9-1-1.

The Parker Police Department also has the ability to send push notifications to app users. Smartphone users will be notified if there is an urgent message that we need to get to area residents. This allows users to be notified immediately with time sensitive information no matter where they are. We have received a lot of positive feedback about road closure notifications and the positive impact this has on Parker drivers.

The free smartphone app can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play. After download, users select the Parker Police Department as their local police department.

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