Parker’s Secret Closet

Homecomings, proms, weddings, events like that are often once in a lifetime experiences, but the price tag for such things can be quite costly, especially since for those types of events, you’re wearing the gorgeous dress you spent forever to find for just one evening. According to a survey by USA Today, the average amount spent on dresses in this part of the country is over $600! That’s before the shoes, accessories, makeup, hair, tickets to prom and other expenses! For a lot of families, that kind of out of pocket cost just isn’t an option – but no one should have to miss such milestone events like Prom or Homecoming because they can’t find a dress that really makes them shine. Something that they’re comfortable in, makes them feel amazing and shows their personality.

That’s where Parker’s Secret Closet comes in. This amazing program allows high school girls to have a private, one of a kind, shopping experience to find the perfect dress for proms, weddings or other formal events – at NO COST to them whatsoever.

The focus of Parker’s Secret Closet is Prom and Homecoming, but thanks to generous donations and vast array of choices, anyone in need of a formal dresses for parties or special events (even wedding and bridesmaid dresses) is welcome to make an appointment to shop. Parker’s Secret Closet is run entirely on donations (both of dresses, shoes and accessories as well as in kind donations for the purchase of items.) Volunteers are needed and always welcome (and hours can be counted toward the volunteer graduation requirement.)

Parker’s Secret Closet has a bit of a fairy tale story of its own. Started three years ago by Susan Quarles, the intent was to collect dresses for young ladies to find that perfect dress without worrying about the cost. Soon after, the donated gowns no longer fit in the suitcase Susan used to store them and her friend Bonnie Bruin offered to house the gowns in her boutique in Downtown Parker. When Bonnie’s store moved to a smaller space, she no longer had space for dress storage so yet another Fairy Godmother stepped in and Kiva Frey took the project on, opening the collection to the public and transforming Parker’s Secret Closet to what it is today, just three years later.

Appointments to “shop” are available year-round and can be made online. As we creep closer to prom season, it’s a good idea to make those appointments early! If you have beautiful dresses just hanging in closets at home, donating them to Parker’s Secret Closet is a great way to give that gown new life and make another young lady’s prom night absolutely perfect.

“I donated a huge bag of very nice clothes a while back and am already seeing pictures of them being worn. They were really hard to part with because I had spent so much time and money on them, but I could not have given them to a better person or place. I’m so incredibly thankful that young ladies will be able to wear this clothing, vs my taking it to consignment. What a blessing! I wish Secret Closet would’ve been around when I was young and couldn’t afford a dress so didn’t bother attending homecoming or proms. I praise God for Kiva’s heart and kindness toward the community.”

As this program continues to grow, finding a new home for the Secret Closet may be necessary. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a store front, but possibly back room or basement of an office that had ample room for the collection. It would still be run by the volunteers and shoppers would still come by appointment only. As much as Kiva loves this program, she would ideally like to move it out of her basement; and as it grows, moving it will be more of a necessity. Parker’s Secret Closet is growing quickly and working on getting their 501c3 status, but are very much open to another non-profit willing to umbrella them until they are able to do it on their own.

There’s nothing like the feeling of finding THE dress. The one that, when you step in front of the mirror, you feel like a princess (even if you are a tried and true tomboy.) There’s a perfect match for everyone and Parker’s Secret Closet can help you find it, without the worry of being able to afford it. Go to their website or find them on Facebook to see what Parker’s Secret Closet is all about.

To find out how to donate, volunteer or to make an appointment to shop at Parker’s Secret Closet, go to

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