Parker’s Restaurant Review: Junz

RESTREVIEW_JUNO_WEBThe restaurant scene in Parker has changed quite a bit in the 15 years I’ve lived here. I remember back when my family and I first moved to Parker the choices were quite limited. As a non-food-coinsure that simply loves food, variety is key. Back in 2003, a great new restaurant opened in Parker and fulfilled the need for something different…something unique…something delicious.

Eleven years ago Junz Restaurant opened off of Dransfeldt. A unique combination of Japanese and French cuisine masterfully prepared by Chef Jun Makino made Junz known throughout the metro area. Over the years I have had the pleasure of enjoying their fare for both lunch and dinner during business meetings and family nights out.

During my most recent lunch visit, I decided to try the Beef Teriyaki. The deep smoky flavor of the rib-eye was prepared to perfection and had a nice compliment of teriyaki marinade…not too much, not too little. The accompanied vegetables were just as flavorful with a great crisp and clean taste. My lunch guest chose the Pan Seared Salmon and was very impressed with how the sauce was not overpowering while maintaining a great salmon flavor. Lunch was amazing and it was a great environment to meet a friend. However, my favorite time for Junz is dinner.

My wife and I decided on a date night at Junz and were not disappointed. Since I am a sucker for a good teriyaki sauce I enjoyed the Chicken Teriyaki while my wife ordered a variety of Sushi. I am a bit picky on where I will order chicken as it is normally not my first choice. However, Junz preparation is exemplary and the tastes are amazing. Again, the vegetables married very well with the entre. My wife very much enjoyed her sushi and made several comments on how fresh and well prepared it was. She also noted that wasabi was truly amazing and fresh.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to dine at Junz or if it has been years since you’ve stopped by, make sure and pencil them in on your to-do list. With a great central location and ultra fresh ingredients you will be happy you did.

Junz is located at 11211 S. Dransfeld Rd. They are open for lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm daily. For dinner, they are open Sunday through Thursday 5pm – 9pm and 5pm – 9:30pm on Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit them online at 

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