Local Business Spotlight: Serenity Solutions

Serenity Solutions
Professional Coaching for
Intention, Advocacy and Growth

Serenity – noun: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
For many of us, finding that balance in our day to day life seems like a fantastic notion, but a feat not easily attainable and definitely something that most may need a little helping in achieving.

As an Advocacy Coach, Audra Byrne guides her clients to achieve clarity and balance by setting strong intentions and using productive communication. The results are a daily life of reduced mental clutter, authentically moving on from outgrown opportunities as well as extinguishing toxic personal or professional patterns of behavior.

“As client and coach, we develop a co-creative relationship as we work side-by-side. As your coach, I will be fully engaged in creating an experience of intuitive thoughts and big shift thinking. I guide you to clarity and hold you accountable to develop new patterns of behavior that result in life-changing peace and freedom. As a client of mine, you can experience coaching services in a variety of ways. No matter which coaching path you choose, you are on a journey to restore balance in your life.”

Audra has been a Parker resident for 12 years. During that time, she has contributed to many businesses and organizations as an employee or a volunteer.
“I have always enjoyed the working relationships that I have built in the Parker community. Now opening my own business here allows me to continue to contribute in a more expansive and permanent way as our community grows and continues to be great place to work, live, and play. I am excited to be an energizing resource for our residents.”

What drove Audra to start her own business in this field is her passion about connecting to, motivating, and elevating others to see the positive force of growth in their lives. Her career roles span experiences as a teacher and school administrator, a professional group fitness instructor, a devoted wife to her husband and full-time mother to their 3 children, an entrepreneur, and a multi-organization volunteer, to name a few. Over the course of many years, and through each of these different leadership opportunities, she has used advocacy coaching as an integral part of helping individuals to identify and enhance their gifts and help them write their new life story.
“What I like most about owning my own business is the flexibility to meet people exactly where they are and authentically support their needs. Listening deeply to people, learning their stories, and feeling who they are is something I value greatly. Having full ability to execute those values in my own business for every client is a huge source of thriving, empowering energy for me.”

Some of her areas of expertise and focus are:
·Self-advocacy coaching for individuals to develop clear intention and boundary setting in personal and professional relationships
·Coaching for business professionals and entrepreneurs to maximize leadership growth and social emotional well-being
·Coaching for teens to practice academic and social self-advocacy and intention setting for future success and leadership in life
·Advocacy coaching for parents of students in need of academic and social-emotional support in a multi-tiered education system
·Family-systems coaching for better communication, emotional communication management and purposeful positive interactions

If working with a professional coach is something you’ve thought about doing, Audra urges you to be willing to recognize and let go of what does not serve you anymore.
“Sometimes the hardest part to making a change in yourself is to be vulnerable enough to admit that you want to. We live in a culture where it is celebrated to look like we have it all together, all the time. When we try to keep up with a pattern of behavior such as this, it eventually leads to a fall out of some kind. If you are honest enough with yourself that you want to work with a coach, be honest with your coach about what you need to let go, layers you need to shed, relationships you want to improve or possibly release. Life is about constant growth and outgrowing people, places, or things along our journey is unavoidable, especially when we come to a place where we know we want something more for ourselves.”

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