Local Business Spotlight: Petit Parker + Co

Petit Parker + Co is a children’s boutique that caters to amazing parents that value style and quality.

Why did you choose to open your business in our community?
I saw a need for boutique clothing in this area and knew I could bring the best of that to Parker.

What makes your business “unique” or different from your competitors?
I have a curated selection of distinctive clothing and toys that are unique to the area in terms of style as well as price. I search for independent designers as well as I hope to include local designers products in the store.

Why did you get into this type of business?
I designed children’s clothing for almost 20 years. I had a store in New York for 8 years and when I moved here, I knew I wanted to do the same!

What do you like most about owning your business?
I love meeting new people and talking with the community to see what they need and want me to carry in the store.

For someone who will be coming into your business for the first time, what is the single most important thing they should try/purchase and why?
Definitely the clothing (any of the lines I carry) should be tried first. Once you have a garment from Petit Parker, you will find the quality undeniably high. That doesn’t mean the prices are high though! I am a mom also and understand value, so the fashion pieces I choose are something that will last not only for one kid but can always be passed down – now that’s value! I have a passion for children’s clothing and want to pass that on to Parker. I believe in color (especially for boys), personality (flair) and age appropriateness while choosing different brands.

What advice would you give someone wanting to open a business in our community?
My advice is to go for it! Everyone along the way during the process of opening has been so incredibly helpful. I am a strong advocate of entrepreneurism (especially women.)

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