Local Business Spotlight: Dream Dinners

10447 S Parker Rd Parker, CO 80134   dreamdinners.com 303-840-3030

When did you open your business?
I purchased this Dream Dinners location in September of 2017, but this store has been in business in the Parker area for over 12 years.

Please describe Dream Dinners
Dream Dinners is a location where guests come to assemble dinners. We’ve done all of the shopping, chopping and prepping, so putting together your meals just takes a few minutes! After you’ve made an appointment that’s convenient for you, you’ll come in to assemble your meals, choosing from 17 different dinner options off of our monthly menus. Once assembled, guests take the dinners home to freeze, thaw and cook when you need it for a meal that is Homemade Made Easy! Many of our meals can be cooked at home in less than 30 minutes, so Dream Dinners allows families to get back around the dinner table together and Grow Great Kids!

Why did you choose to purchase Dream Dinners in our community?
Dream Dinners is a company that is about more than just food. Through the Dream Dinners Foundation, our corporate office and individual stores support families here in Parker, and all over the World. I think the people of Parker care about our mission to Grow Great Kids and help families in need. I choose to live and work in the Parker area because it a great place to raise a family and it is a fun and thriving community.

What makes Dream Dinners “unique” or different?
Our product is unique from door delivery services and other competitors because it is designed to be frozen until you are ready to cook and serve it to your family. This eliminates food waste and the pressure to cook ingredients before they go bad. Our meals are also easier to cook with no chopping or prep work needed at home and can be customized to fit your families dietary preferences.

Our service is unique from our competitors because we truly care about our clients. We want to get to know you and find out more about how we can help in your household. We pride ourselves on being in the business of relationships and would love to find out how we can help make your dinnertime easy, delicious and stress free!

Why did you want to get into this type of business?
We have a unique opportunity to change lives with something as simple as a homemade meal, but I know that it makes a difference. I went into business with Dream Dinners because I believe in what we do. Dream Dinners provides a lifestyle change for many families and individuals, reduces stress, and allows families to sit down and savor moments together. I love hearing stories about picky eaters that finally enjoy dinner with the family, and busy parents who no longer feel guilty about stopping for take out or fast food because they can cook up a Dream Dinners meal in 20 minutes instead. I believe that Dream Dinners provides more than just a solution for “what’s for dinner” and that makes my work fulfilling everyday.

What do you like most about owning your business?
I love owning a Dream Dinners, because I enjoy being around people who are having fun and are happy to be where they are. My team and I have a great time during our sessions with our customers and feel good about what we do. Owning a business can be a lot of long hours and hard work but it is all worth it because I believe that, day by day, we are changing the community of Parker and helping a lot of families along the way.

For someone who will be coming into Dream Dinners for the first time, what is the single most important thing they should try and why?
For first time clients, we offer a great Introductory Offer to try us out and see how Dream Dinners works for them! Guests can sign up for the Introductory Offer online or by calling our store. The Introductory Offer is for 6, 3 person meals (18 servings) and is a flat rate of $84.95. We are not a subscription service, so guests can come check it out one time, without committing to anything additional.

What advice would you give someone wanting to open a business in our community?
I would recommend that they join the Chamber of Commerce! I have been extremely impressed with the Chamber connections I have made and the overwhelming support the office staff and members have given me as new business owner.

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