Local Business Spotlight: Absinthe Images

Absinthe Images
Shannon Esper
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If you can take your talent and passion and turn that into your profession, you’ve really created something special. That’s exactly what Shannon Esper did about a year ago when she made the leap to professional photography.

Shannon is a local photographer that specializes in outdoor and natural light photography. She provides services including family photography, headshots, Senior portraits, and dance photography and always looks forward to new and interesting photo sessions.

“My husband and friends have provided amazing support and encouragement to start my own business here in Parker. They would constantly tell my I had an amazing eye for images and put a unique perspective on capturing the subject in the frame. They were quite persistent and insistent…It can be a scary thing to take that first step! I decided to heed their advice and the next thing I knew, I had a new business and I haven’t looked back!”

Absinthe Images, the name Shannon chose for her business, really encompasses what her approach to photography is all about.
“I chose the name Absinthe Images because the drink Absinthe, or “la fee verte” (the green fairy), is a metaphor for new ideas, artistic exploration and innovation. I feel that I’m on a new path of exploration with my photography. My images are unique…different from traditional photography, and that’s what sets me apart.” Shannon loves the autonomy and creative freedom owning her own photography business provides. “I like how my photography has spread by word-of-mouth through the community and the opportunity I’ve had to meet new people and try new ideas with my sessions.”

Setting out on a new career path can be daunting, especially when your new path is one for your own business. It’s a little less daunting when you can do what you love. Shannon finds that photography is an outlet for her creative side. She feels she’s constantly growing with each session, whether it be use of light, choosing composition, or editing.
“It makes me think of the quote by Henri Cartier-Besson, ‘Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst’, so for me, starting this business has given me ample opportunity to grow and hone my skills as a photographer.” Shannon definitely realizes that, artistically and professionally, you always have room to grow and learn…there’s always, always an opportunity to improve.

If you are interested in a session for Senior portraits, a family session or a special occasion, Shannon recommends you look at her Facebook or Instagram page for examples of her style and different examples of her work. You’re definitely going to see what an amazing product can come from a unique perspective.

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