LOCAL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Dreams of an Empty Tomb by: Corbin Dunn

Mistrenelle A city of law and peace, the center of the world. It is a city-kingdom protected by the mysterious Witch Hunters, ruled by those who threw off the shackles of magic. Only the nightly witch hunts remain as a reminder of the horrors of that time, when the streets are lit by spells, and run red with the blood of Hunter and Mancer alike. The Violet Night Eighteen years ago, the city glowed violet as a powerful necromancer enacted the ultimate ritual. Her army of undead clashed with the Witch Hunters in the most violent event since the Uprising. The blood stains the mind of Prince Destrivel Orophos still. It is, and has been ever since that night, his aspiration to become a Witch Hunter. But he is a royal, and worse, a male, destined to be married off as a trophy. His warrior training meant little in this time of peace, and his souls seeks something to break the shackles of duty and station that have held him all these years.

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