LOCAL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Through the Dragon’s Fire by: A.N. MILLER

Amara desires adventure. As an only child to her elderly mother, she toils from dawn until dusk tending wheat fields in the village of Talca. When Amara stumbles upon the magical land of Capria, her dreams become reality. So do her nightmares.

There, Amara uncovers the secrets that have clodud her life for as long as she can remember. She discovers that her father was killed by a monster. Seeking revenge, Amara decides to become a BouldAra- an elite swordsman- and slay the dreaded beast. The king assigns the strict Kadin as her teacher. As time elapses, her ability improves until she is ready to be tested. But the BouldAra’s trial isnt going to be as easy as she hoped…

When Amara makes a major mistake, her world falls apart. If she cant even pass the BouldAra’s test, then how can she possibly kill the Black Dragon, especially since her father-the greatest swordsman of all time- died in the attempt?

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