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Your Relationship with You
by Denise C. Onofrey, LMFT, CST

Relationships are hard, but they don’t need to be. Discover how to start making relationships easier. Denise Onofrey, The Relationship Strategist, provides insights into the self-limiting rules that create dis-ease and dis-connection in our relationships.

Learn how you arrived at where you are now, and begin to shape the relationships you desire most, by taking control where YOU matter most. Create ease and connection with yourself, then write your “rules to live by” using these proven strategies:

* Shed the “shoulds” and “suppose to’s”
* Turn down the noise
* Decode emotions vs. needs
* Harness your gut instinct
* Slow down to move forward

Learn how to achieve successful relationships from Denise’s “behind closed doors” sessions. Relationships are hard. Now YOU can make them easier.

For more information visit deniseonofrey.com

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