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Passports and Plum Blossoms
by Barbara Oliverio

Annalise Fontana is feeling blue with no job, no boyfriend, and packed among her childhood memories in her parents’ home. What could be more enticing than the opportunity to serve as a companion to her elderly Auntie Lil on a senior citizens’ tour of China (with a side trip to Singapore?. She digs out her passport and packs her bags and assumes that she’s in for a tranquil Jane Austenesque journey.

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Beyond Flight or Fight
by Sunny Weber

Rich true-life stories of saved dogs combine with the author’s sensitive insight and specialized easy to understand, step-by-step practical advice on how to live with a fearful dog. Understand dog fear and see the human world through your dog’s eyes and mind. Discover what every dog needs and how to individualize your problem-solving approaches. Learn to establish trust, leave human ego behind, and focus on what really works with frightened, undersocialized, rejected pups of all ages and histories.

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