Help Holly Find A Kidney

By looking at me, you wouldn’t think that anything in particular was wrong, but that wouldn’t be altogether true.

My name is Holly and I am looking for a kidney donor.

I have lived in the Denver metro area for the majority of my life. My husband and I currently live in Centennial with our three fur-babies. I have two grown children and 2 grandchildren.

For the past 20 years, I have worked for the Parker Police Department as a civilian employee. I am currently assigned to the Property and Evidence Section, but have worked in many areas of the Police Department. I have also taught various classes and trainings, and worked on many events for the department over the years. Prior to that, I worked as a Patrol Officer for approximately 18 years in other police agencies in the Denver Metro area.

In my spare time, I teach dance classes (mainly ballet) at four locations in the Denver area. I love working with all of the children, and I am honored to have the opportunity to help to change so many young lives. As you can see, I have always led a very active lifestyle.

About 5 years ago, I became extremely ill, and the doctors had a difficult time figuring out exactly what the problem was. After a litany of tests, it was determined that I was in kidney failure. The cause is believed to be high blood pressure, which I had never had before that time. There is also the possibility that genetics are involved as my grandfather, aunt, uncle and mother sadly all passed away due to kidney failure. Ironically, back in the 1960’s, my mother was scheduled to be a kidney donor for my uncle in one of the Denver’s first kidney transplants. My uncle sadly passed away before this could happen.

In cases such as mine, the best course of action is a kidney transplant. Many people generously donate their organs upon their passing, and many lives are saved in this way; however, the waitlist for a kidney transplant by this means is often 4-5 years because the need is so great! There are currently many living kidney donors who live active and healthy lives after a transplant with one remaining kidney. By donating a kidney to someone in need, you are saving another person’s life.

Kidney donors are matched with their recipient, first by blood type, and then by a tissue match, to make sure the new kidney isn’t rejected. In my case, I am an “A” blood type, which means I can be matched with another “A” blood type or the universal “O” blood type.

I am hopeful that my donor is out there and, perhaps that by reading this, I will be lucky enough to find my personal donor hero. However the lists are long and every name on them is in need.

I am desperately hoping that each and every person reading this will consider being a donor and become a hero for someone waiting patiently for the news that could save their life.

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