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I am always amazed at the power people have and how quickly they forget they have it. Every single one of us has the ability to have an impact on our surroundings. Think about it, when you are in a good mood doesn’t everything around you seem to be better? Likewise, when you are feeling down and out the world seems to feel the same way.

Several years ago I decided to try a scientic experiment on the power we all posses. Well, it was a “somewhat” scientific experiement but none-the-less it was an eye opening venture. I decided to keep track of my mood and see what thinks would have a demonstrable effect on changing my mood.

I recall one day in particular. I was having a very hard day. I simply didn’t seem to be “clicking” with my family, my work had lots of tough situations going on, my public life seemed to be filled with negativity (mainly through social media) and I was just in a foul mood. This was a perfect time for me to test my experiment.

I decided to seek out positivity and, specifically, how I could be a positive force in someone elses life. I’ve always done some sort of volunteer work so I was no stranger to “giving back” but in this case I went out of my way to find someone who needed help and decided to give them assistance…anonymously.

What a rush it was! Almost instantly the world seemed to be a little brighter…people seemed to be a little nicer…my mood became quite a bit better. I speculated that perhaps I lucked into things being better and that my act of kindness had nothing to do with it, but as I tested this theory on other occasions I realized that it is each of us that has the ability to make a day awesome.

This spring is a perfect time for you to help me test my theory so I’m challenging each of you to “Spring Into Awesome” by helping others during the month of April. It’s easy to do and I want to see if you notice a change in you. Pay attention to see if your days are brighter and you hear more laughs. See if the world smells fresher and you see more smiles. Spend time feeling your heart and see if it is warmer.

If during your quest for awesomeness you find yourself looking for a new way to help, consider joining me on April 29th for my annual “Shave the Mayor” event to raise money for pediatric cancer research. I will be shaving my head and beard along with over 100 others who are “Springing Into Awesome” with me. Go online to for details.

No matter what, make sure this Spring that you not only find your “awesome” but help at least one other person find theirs. That’s one thing we can all do…help others to make their world awesome while embrasing ours.

Stay awesome my friends!

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