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Much like many of the heroes depicted in our favorite superhero movies, Denver Comic Con has a whole other, not so secret, identity. If you are new to the whole Denver Comic Con scene, allow us to shed a little light on the subject. First thing to note is, not all Comic Cons are created equal. They are not traveling road shows, although some groups do own and operate multiple comic cons and pop culture related events, but many are 100% independent. Denver’s Comic Con is one of those independent events and very different from other cons around the country.

Most Comic Cons are for-profit endeavors, Denver’s is NOT. It is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization dedicated to literacy and education. In fact, 95% of Denver’s Comic Con business is done by dedicated volunteers and many of the very dedicated employees donate hours of their time as well. This organization’s primary purpose is to educate and they do this through year-round, after school programming, teacher training and summers camps amongst other things.

This is an exciting year as the DCC is launching a classroom at their office allowing local students to drop in or sign up for incredibly fun and engaging activities at the Pop Culture Classroom. In addition to the educational programming, Denver Comic Con has their own literary conference called Page 23, their continuing education programming for K-12 teachers through Adams State University and a unique program called Experience the CoMix, bringing in kids from all over Denver area to the con and providing programming all day just for them.
Other (for profit) Comic Cons can cycle their profits back into their budgets, but with Denver Comic Con’s year-round mission of supporting their Pop Culture Classroom, it may look a little different than others cons (let’s just say you won’t see Thor and the entire Avengers family there) but you WILL see tons of artists, creators, authors, publishers, vendors and a few dozen surprises awaiting you around every corner of the con. Denver Comic Con does expect more than 40 stars to be at the event, be sure to visit the DCC Guest Page for a complete, up to date list of who you may see there! (

This is absolutely a kid-friendly event. Check out the Kids’ Learning Lab while you are there. This 10,000 sq. ft. PCC Kids’ Lab has dozens of hands on activities all focused on promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.) Also, there will be two stages with presentations and promotions for kids by voice actors and comic pros, demonstrations and discussions for teens about topics and issues pertinent to them. All programming is included in the price of admission. Kids tickets (12 & under) are only $8.25 (before tax) and that covers all three days at the con! If you are bringing little ones to join in on the fun, bring the smallest stroller you have (to make maneuvering easier), bring snacks and water bottles, and plan to take time for breaks. It’s like a big theme park, with lots to see and do and all the excitement, it can be overwhelming, so take so time for short breaks during your visit.

This is truly the Con with a Cause and DCC is proud of it! Get ready to hear a lot about Con4aCause, because when you visit Denver’s Comic Con, you are supporting all the work they do to support literacy, all year long. You can be a part of something truly different than you’ll experience anywhere else, and something truly great.
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Denver Comic Con
June 15th-17th 
Colorado Convention Center

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