Camping vs. Glamping

Camping vs. Glamping

Camp [kamp] (v):

to live temporarily in or as if in a camp or outdoors, usually for recreation (often followed by out)

Glamp [glamp] (v):

to experience the beauty of the outdoors without having to totally “rough it”

No matter where you go in Colorado, you’re bound to run into someone who can tell you the absolutely best campground spots around. The ideal places to pack the family up, find the “just-right” spot to pitch your tents, stoke the campfire and enjoy some time spent enjoying the Rocky Mountain outdoors. For many, nothing sounds better than filling the cooler, rolling the sleeping bags up and heading out into the great big wilderness. For others, the word camp is a four letter word. Bugs, dirt, few to no amenities aren’t just “roughing it” for some, it’s punishment.

For those that would rather schedule a root canal than head out on a traditional camping trip, consider a new trend in outdoor recreation… Glamping. Glamping, quite simply, a fusion of glamour and camping, has become something of a global phenomenon. There’s no pitching of a tent, no rolling of a sleeping bag and no smoky campfire to contend with or smoke from said campfire to redirect away from your face. Whether you choose to “glamp” in a more luxurious tent, a souped up airstream, a pod, hut, igloo, yurt, teepee, tree house or cabin, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without leaving all the comforts of home behind.

According to, Colorado is home to several Glamping get-aways that may make even the most reluctant outdoorsman (or woman) change their tune a bit.

14ers Ranch, 3 hrs from DIA, offers tents or villas on their 85 acres of fields and mountains. Glampers can hike, mountain bike, fish, go horseback riding or even ATV riding. Rentals include bedding, towels, robes and slippers and firewood for the outdoor fireplaces (so not all camping traditions are lost.) Compare that to the experience at Great Sky Retreat, where you stay in a Yurt that is fed by the solar on the owner’s home on the property. Located equal distances between the Lemon Reservoir and Vallecito Lake, it’s in close proximity to the Southern rim of the Weminuche Wilderness, our state’s largest wilderness area and the home of the San Juan Mountains. Yurt not quite cutting it? Maybe Kessler Canyon will be more your speed. Featuring 13 guestrooms and two suites in two separate buildings, the Orchard Lake Guesthouse and the Homestead, Kessler Canyon strives to separate from the outside world for “pampering rejuvenation and reconnecting with the beauty of nature.” To make things a little more “glampy” in-room Internet access is available. If you’re looking for a more “all inclusive” experience, check out the glamping at Zapata Ranch where you can experience life working on a cattle ranch combined with the glamour of high-end amenities and gourmet dining. If it’s all in the name, then perhaps the C Lazy U Guest Ranch is what glampers are looking for. Known for their “Five Spur Service” the resort is Colorado’s premier luxury dude ranch getaway experience. Easily accessible from Denver, the all-inclusive Lazy U offers guests cabins or tents and amenities including a children’s park, community pool and hot tub, room service, turn down service and housekeeping.

So, my friends who fear the absence of running water, or cell service or just want to have some kind of structure surrounding them while they’re enjoying the great outdoors, consider upgrading your next camping trip to a glamping experience in a tent or a teepee, a tree house or an airstream trailer, a yurt or a villa.

Plan a stay-cation that will please even those most dubious when it comes to camping. “Glamp” it up a bit! For more information on many Colorado Glamping experiences, go to

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