Be the Astronaut

One of the most famous of all time, Neil Armstrong, famously said, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” If you or your the little star gazers in your house have ever dreamed of rocketing towards the stars and stepping foot on the surface of the moon, or maybe beyond, then make sure you get to Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum to check out the Be The Astronaut exhibit before it closes on April 15th.

This completely interactive, pod-based exhibit teaches STEM-based content through a mesmerizing fusion of traditional exhibitry and technology. With the focus on concepts common to all space flight, Be The Astronaut uses a narrative of possible future space missions. The exhibit is full of interactive games and simulations that will speak to adults and children alike. The exhibition itself is like a mission, and in order to advance and succeed further in each phase of the mission (exhibit), visitors learn about the extreme challenges and the unmatched thrill of space flight. Using what they learn at each step, they “fly” spaceships, “pilot” landers, and “drive” rovers across the surfaces of the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Jupiter.

All the crafts used in the Be The Astronaut exhibit were thoughtfully designed with the assistance of and oversight from NASA’s Langley Research Facility. Three different modules will guide your journey through the exhibit. In the Nav (short for Celestial Navigation) Modules, 2D visuals are used to teach basic principles and physics concepts about the workings of the universe on a macro scale. The Science and Technology Modules (or SCI for short) utilize drag and drop interface to help exhibit explorers gain a greater depth of knowledge about the science and technology necessary to both explore and thrive in outer space. Lastly, the Fly Modules are exactly what they sound like. Using the knowledge you’ve gained through Nav and Sci training, hop into the driver’s seats in various spacecraft. Pilot an interplanetary spaceship while maneuvering through an asteroid belt or drive a rover across celestial surfaces on other planets. This module puts you in control of some of the most advanced technology ever created.

Admission to the Be The Astronaut Exhibit is included in the price of admission to Wings Over the Rockies. The Museum is open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm. For more information on all exhibits, additional simulators, special events and pricing, go to

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