Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth

August 19th | Discovery Park

This year, venerable multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated band, Smash Mouth will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut, smash-hit album “Fush Yu Mang”. Released on July 8, 1997, “FYM” was a shocking — and industry-changing — success. Known for songs like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star,” this band hasn’t slowed down since they left San Jose and their next stop, Parker, Colorado!

In effort to use the space year-round, the Town of Parker is kicking off its first ticketed event at Discovery Park with this iconic band! General admission tickets are $35 (with special VIP tickets going for $75). Discovery Park is a brand-new amphitheater located in Parker’s Creative District on Mainstreet which will host local and national musicians throughout the year. Discovery Park is a state-of-the-art venue featuring an open-space design and a number of exciting amenities, such as monumental art pieces and an interactive splash fountain for the kids.

Smash Mouth continues to release fantastic music with their most recent album MAGIC. Combining the hard, gritty edge of punk rock with the upbeat vibrancy of pop, Smash Mouth creates a sound and feeling that helped define the music scene of the late 90’s. Take another walk on the sun and see Smash Mouth on August 19th at Discovery Park! For tickets and more information visit

Check out Smash Mouth on YouTube here:

Art in the Park

Art in the Park

August 26-27, 2017 | Parker, CO

One weekend, near the end of the summer, O’Brien Park is transformed into a sea of creativity, filled with inspiring artwork. Waves of drawings, photography, pastels, paintings in various mediums, pottery, glass work, sculptures, jewelry, word work and much more roll through the park; making it seem to come to life in a wash of colors. Art in the Park, sponsored by the Parker Artists Guild, is a free, family-friendly event and one that Parker residents look forward to each year.

The PAG is comprised of artists from Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Aurora and Elbert County. Members strive to continually advance the development of the arts in our community and take great strides in doing so by offering workshops for adults and young artists, such as the monthly Lessons and Lemonade workshops, as well as demonstrations, exhibits, scholarships and events including Art in the Park.

August 26th and 27th, art lovers of all ages can take it all in. Little artists can get creative at the children’s art station or wear their art from the face painting booth (there is a small charge for face painting.) Food and beverages will be available for purchase and live music will accompany the festival throughout the weekend.

For more information about Art in the Park or the Parker Artists Guild, go to

So You Have a Senior…

So You Have a Senior…

Senior year is a tremendous milestone for students, whether they are planning on continuing their education in college, entering the military, perhaps taking a gap year or going straight into the workforce. Senior year is filled with numerous celebrations, but there are also numerous deadlines. If you have a senior, be sure to keep track of these deadlines so your student is not too far behind the 8-ball during what should be one of the most exciting years of their life.

Senior Year Checklist

[ ]   If you haven’t already, book senior photos. They are usually due in the first semester, so having them done before school starts or soon after the start of the year is a good idea.

[ ]   If your senior doesn’t already have an idea of the colleges they want to apply to, start looking as soon as possible. Take the opportunity to visit and tour schools. Chances are multiple colleges will be appealing, so the sooner they start looking, the sooner they’ll be able to research their choices and narrowing down the list for applications.

[ ]   College applications open as early as September, so the sooner they’ve selected which colleges they want to apply to the better!

[ ]   Have your senior start looking for scholarships as soon as school year starts. It is never too early to start applying. Applying for scholarships can continue throughout senior year and even into post-senior year summer.

[ ]   Make sure to have your senior check class credit requirements as soon as school starts; they should already be set as they’ve have already chosen classes, but it doesn’t hurt to double check – better safe than sorry!

[ ]   Many schools require at least 20 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. At the beginning of the year, seniors should check how many hours they’ve completed. Ideally, they should try to complete their hours first semester so they can focus on college applications and other senior requirements for the remainder of the year.

[ ]   That halfway through point is also a good time to check on their grades; graduation eligibility hinges on grades and failing grades would prohibit them from graduating with the rest of their class.


What Seniors Should Know

Advice to Seniors, from a College Freshman

  • Senior Year IS NOT the easiest year, if anything, you should push harder senior year to finish out strong.
  • College applications all require transcripts which include senior year, first semester grades, and colleges also require a final transcript to be sent at the end of the year. Senior year grades are taken into serious consideration, so make sure to stay on top of school senior year!
  • Grades are important, however, do make sure to enjoy your senior year….there are lots of fun opportunities to take a part in. Don’t miss out on things like senior sunrise/sunset, senior assemblies, etc. These special events will make it a lot of fun finishing out your last year of high school!
  • Take advantage of the resources available to you. My most helpful resource was my high school counselor. If I had questions or needed help with credits, community service hours, college/scholarship applications, she was happy to help. If you have questions on college/scholarship essays, your English teacher is also a great resource.
  • It may seem obvious, but Google is also a good resource for application essays.

Evolution of a Student

Evolution of a Student

Tips for Success & Survival at Every Stage of School

When you need advice on how to best take care of yourself, you ask your doctor. If you needed help remodeling your home, you would be served well by having an architect draw up plans and an engineer ensuring everything has a strong foundation. With the school year starting, who better to help you build a strong foundation for your student than the people who are going to be with them, everyday, for the next nine months? Take our advice and listen to advice from teachers – you might be surprised at how simple it can be to help your student have a great year, whether they are beginning the trek as a kindergartner or coming to the finish line as a senior in high school.


Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd

It may seem simple, but the simplest things are sometimes the most important. Now that your little one is a “Big Kid” they need to start doing big kid things! Teachers of little ones suggest parents help by making sure kiddos:

  • Know their full name address and mom/dad’s phone number.
  • Can write their name with a capital beginning and rest lowercase.
  • Can tie their shoes, or wear Velcro until they are able!
  • Can open their own lunch and snack.
  • Can put on and zip/snap their own jackets and backpacks.

For parents with children entering elementary, it may be hard to let your little one do more for themselves, but by giving them some control over some things it will allow them to learn/fail/succeed in a safe environment (home/classroom.) Being in charge of their learning is extremely important and that should be the end goal. Each year students should take on another piece of control in their learning. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important for students to advocate for themselves (mainly due to technology interaction with peers) and they should learn to advocate both for their learning and in social situations. A true gem in my book is setting a goal, for any age, to start the year. This can be started as early as kindergarten. If a child is struggling with behavior, setting a goal to have positive days at school can have great outcomes in the future.– 2nd grade teacher

Try your best. Work hard. Pay attention to your teacher. Kindergarten is so much fun. You get to learn, but you get to learn in a fun way.– 2nd grade student


3rd, 4th and 5th

Again, covering the basics is important. It helps to:

  • Make sure students have their multiplication and division facts memorized as they head into higher level math and problem solving. It makes a SIGNIFICANT difference!
  • Foster a genuine love of reading. Encourage (don’t force) kids to read chapter books (no matter how short or silly) like CRAZY! Taking an interest in what your child is reading; take them to the library or book store, read chapter books aloud to/with your kids, and model a love of reading as an adult. The more kids read, and the more they want to read, the better readers they will become.

My best advice for parents is to,
1. Let go a little. A fourth grader has never died (that I know of) from forgetting a homework assignment or a lunchbox. Sure that pang in their hearts when they realize they forgot something is a shocker, but if kids are constantly saved from making even the tiniest of mistakes, they will grow up thinking they are no good unless they’re perfect. Talk about a life sentence.
2. Fourth grade is like crossing over from “little kid” to “big kid.” Teachers slowly push kids to do more themselves and take responsibility for their own learning. It’s the switch from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Encourage your child to think for himself, ask questions, and seek answers.– 4th grade teacher

Be confident, you might mess up, but you can learn from your mistakes.– 4th grader


Middle School

Middle school is an important time in a student’s career. It’s an essential transition that allows students to create good study and time management habits, add to background knowledge and understanding, and continue to evolve and grow socially. Students start to have some choices about classes they take and begin to explore their interests. They also continue to learn about themselves and how they best learn and interact with peers and teachers. This growth will go a long way to prepare them for high school and beyond, as they continue to master these skills. This is also an ideal time for parents to practice a gradual release of responsibility to their students. Students and parents can work together to review upcoming assignments, current assignments, and grades. As students move through middle school, parents should encourage students to take the lead and become independent in preparation for high school. Stay involved. Never stop asking about their day, their struggles, their successes, and how they are working towards their goals. It’s the everyday conversations and time that make the most enduring impact for kids.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t understand. If you need to clarify something or don’t understand; ask the question. It saves a lot of frustration and confusion. If you are too nervous to ask in class, hang back a few minutes after class to talk to the teacher, they’d rather you understand than leave not knowing what to do.– 9th grader


High School

Organizational skills are key. Use an online calendar, an app, or a planner (like the ones used all through elementary and middle school) to stay organized and on top of deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete assignments. High school students are often busy with sports, clubs, jobs and other things, so finding a system that works and utilizing time management is imperative and sets you up for success after graduation. Be accountable for your work and advocate for yourself. In college or the workforce, you will be expected to, so start now. It’s important for parents to stay involved, but it’s critical that students take the lead.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Go in and talk to your teachers, get the answers you need to understand. Everyone will tell you this, and it’s true, high school really does fly by, so enjoy each year, every assembly, sporting event, dance other special activities.– 12th grader

15th Annual Taste of Douglas County

15th Annual Taste of Douglas County

As the saying goes, it’s always a good idea to, “eat, drink and be merry.” Thursday, August 17th, the Douglas County Events Center becomes the site for the hottest ticket in town at the 15th Annual Taste of Douglas County. As the name implies, Taste of Douglas County hosts dozens of local restaurants, cafes, bakeries and coffee houses.

Food samplings will abound from the area’s finest local eateries such as The Old Stone Church, Pegasus Restaurant, Crave Burgers, the famous Airplane Restaurant of Colorado Springs and other area favorites. Although the magnificent sampling is reason enough to attend, there’s more to the Taste of Douglas County than tasting alone. Top area chefs will go head to head in a cooking competition, with Adam Friesem from Castle Rock Adventist Hospital returning to defend his 2016 title. In addition to the return of the chef’s competition, this year chefs will be showcasing their talents in a cooking demonstration, offering samples of their wares. Castle Rock Brewing Company will also be hosting a craft beer seminar and tasting as well. While you’re there, be sure to check out the new Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson motorcycles and get a taste of their fabulous jambalaya. Also on hand will be an all-black 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago from Overdrive Raceway in Monument, visiting with food samples from the Overdrive Raceway Sports Grill!

El Meson Mexican Restaurant, Surena Persian Cuisine, Larkspur Pizzeria & Café, Tailgate Tavern & Grill of Parker, Trestles Coastal Cuisine, Viewhouse Restaurant and many, many more will be on hand to treat your taste buds to flavors that draw inspiration from all corners the globe! In addition to amazing samples of savory morsels and sweet treats, many restaurants offer guests menus and coupons for your next visit.

You can purchase your tickets for Taste of Douglas County in advance for just $10 (children under 3 are free) online at After August 1st, Pegasus Restaurant in Castle Rock, Castle Rock Senior Center and Enchanted Grounds Coffee in Highlands Ranch will also have tickets available for purchase. Tickets may be purchased at the box office the day of the event for $20 beginning at 5:00pm. All ticket sales are final.

Come hungry, leave happy – the 15th Annual Taste of Douglas County is not to be missed!
Thursday, August 17th from 5-8pm Douglas County Events Center
500 Fairgrounds Road, Castle Rock, CO

Parker Brewfest

Don’t Miss the 2nd Annual


Parker Brewfest is back and better than ever! The 2nd Annual Parker Brewfest, presented by the Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker, is changing things up a bit to make the Brewfest bigger, better and brew-ier! If you attended last year’s Brewfest, you’ll notice this year’s format will be slightly different. Instead of two sessions, this year there will be one, continuous four hour event. VIP ticket holder and sponsors will be admitted at 1pm, while general admission ticket holders can get in on the fun starting at 2pm. The event will run until 5pm on Saturday, August 19th, rain or shine. VIP tickets are expected to sell out, so if you haven’t already purchased yours, get them before they are gone! Go to for tickets and apparel.

O’Brien Park will play host to the event and in order to accommodate the one session, the entire area of the event has been increased by 50%. The gazebo will serve as the stage for local favorite “The Dollhouse Thieves,” who will be entertaining festival goers for the duration of the event. To accommodate brewfest fans, the number of tents, tables and chairs will be doubled and to keep the fun going, corn hole games will be back, along with a couple other fun things to do (without spilling your beer!) Additionally, organizers have doubled the capacity of the registration section to expedite entry for guests who have purchased their tickets in advance.

If you enjoyed the 22 brewers on hand last year, you’ll be even more impressed with the Cidery and nearly 40 local brewers who will be on hand at this year’s Brewfest. The Parker Brewfest has also partnered with the locally owned Crafted Tees to create official Parker Brewfest shirts and hats, available for preorder when you purchase your passes online. ( VIP and general admission passes are available for purchase online until August 18th at 7:00pm. After that time, passes may only be purchased at the gate on the day o the event. VIP passes will most likely sell out prior to the event date, so online pre-purchase is encouraged. (VIP passes are $55; General Admission is $40 in advance, $45 at the gate on the day of the event.)

What better way to spend a Saturday than enjoying Downtown Parker, brew (or two) in hand? Head out to the 2nd Annual Parker Brewfest, and come thirsty!

For more information, go to, to learn more about Cherry Creek Valley Rotary of Parker, visit

Local Business Spotlight – Mathnasium of Parker

Local Business Spotlight

Mathnasium of Parker

Albert Einstein once said, “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” Even the greatest mathematical minds reach points of frustration when it comes to making math make sense. That is exactly what instructors at Mathnasium strive to do, make math make sense. Whether a student is struggling to catch up or yearning to be pushed to greater challenges, Mathnasium provides customized curriculum to eliminate the frustration, increase student confidence and ignite a passion for learning.

With the start of a new school year comes a new year of challenges for all students. Some parents may hear a familiar mantra at homework time, “I hate math.” Kids don’t hate math. Students that are struggling with math hate feeling frustrated and confused. Those that excel in math may not be able to delve as deeply into the subject as they’d like or have a desire to be challenged more. Mathnasium will meet each student where they are, bridging those gaps for those who are struggling and challenging those preparing for more advanced classes.

Mathnasium’s unique system provides a strong mathematical foundation by identifying students’ current skill level and helping them propel forward by teaching them math in a way that makes sense to them. There is often a disconnect between students’ learning skills and curriculum they are expected to master. This is a concept Mathnasium Method creator Larry Martinek identified more than 40 years ago. A teacher himself and a father to a mathematically gifted son, he wanted to help students, both gifted and frustrated, to succeed. What formed was a system not based on memorization of facts and formulas, but an approach that builds a deeper mathematical understanding. Students with noticeable gaps in learning may seem obvious candidates for help but just because a child is an A/B student doesn’t necessarily mean there are no gaps in understanding. Bridging those gaps and gaining that confidence is important for all students.

Getting that help is simple. Students or parents can do a quick five question assessment online (whether they are struggling or advanced learners.) If Mathnasium seems like a good fit, an appointment to do an in-house, detailed assessment can be made, which allows instructors to customize a learning plan formulated on concepts needed to meet each child’s specific learning goals. Specially trained instructors then implement the plan; working with your child until they are able to master the material. Instructors want to be there when the learning happens, they don’t assign additional homework, and they provide an encouraging environment where your kids feel motivated and confident so they can learn. Homework help is also provided, helping students turn what was once a frustration into a welcome challenge they can conquer with confidence. For older students, they also offer ACT/SAT math prep, helping students see impressive improvements in math scores.

Watching your child’s confidence blossom in math will undoubtedly trickle over into all areas of their academics. What better gift to give them as they tackle the new school year than the ability to believe in their own abilities? Go online, take the five question survey or just give them a call – the only thing your child stands to lose is frustration, and that is a huge gain!
11211 S. Dransfeldt Rd. , Suite 149
(303) 840-1184

Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure

Colorado in Parker

Ride, Walk, Run or Ninja to support over 416,000 Coloradans living with diabetes at Tour de Cure!

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) will host its largest annual fundraiser, Tour de Cure Colorado, at Salisbury Park featuring new and improved routes focused on safety, fun and physical challenge. Throughout the country, participants come together at Tour de Cure events to directly impact the lives of people facing the daily challenges of diabetes. This year’s Colorado event features a brand new Xtreme Ninja Course, a 5K Walk/Run and four cycling routes, including: 20K, 50K, 100K and 100 Mile Century Ride.

The Xtreme Ninja Course at Tour de Cure will be modeled after the popular ninja warrior show and will offer aspiring ninjas and ninjas at heart a chance to try out obstacles that test their speed, strength, balance and agility! All ages and ability levels are welcome.

Whether you ride, walk, run or ninja – there’s something for everyone at Tour de Cure Colorado. All routes end back at the festival where community members and participants are invited to enjoy the activities, food, entertainment and much more!

The mission of the ADA is at the heart of everything we do; at Tour de Cure we celebrate all people living with diabetes as “Red” participants – Red Riders, Red Striders, Red Ninjas and Red Crew Volunteers. If you are living with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, let us celebrate you and be a part of an active and supportive community at Tour de Cure.

Ready to register? Participants are encouraged to form teams with all participant types, skill levels and backgrounds. You can also join Team Red – the team for everyone who is looking to join others that are passionate about fighting diabetes! The fundraising minimum of $200 applies to all participant types and supports the mission of the American Diabetes Association: to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Tour de Cure Colorado is presented by Primal, and sponsored locally by Town of Parker, Parker Adventist Hospital part of Centura Health, Lilly Diabetes, Amazing Moves, Boa, Breckenridge Brewery and CBS Denver. National sponsors of Tour de Cure include Lilly Diabetes and Primal.

To learn more and register to ride, run, walk, ninja, or volunteer please visit

The Bookends

The-One-in-a-Million Boy

By Monica Wood

Every Saturday morning 104 year old Ona has a Boy Scout volunteer to help with light yard work around her home. She is usually unhappy with their “shortcutting” ways and refuses to let the volunteer return for the next Saturday. However, she likes the last boy that is sent to help. He was different than the others with his constant counting, list making and passion for world records. One Saturday the boy doesn’t come but his father, Quinn arrives the following week to finish the last seven Saturdays of his son’s commitment to Ona. What Quinn didn’t realize is the deep friendship that developed between this woman and his son, and their plan to make Ona the world record holder of the Oldest Licensed Driver.

BECKY This story has some interesting characters. I am not sure which one was my favorite. We have feisty Ona who has an interesting past, an eleven year old boy that is wise beyond his years, Quinn who hardly knows his unique young son and his twice-ex-wife Belle. Throughout the book we only know the child as the boy. Was that frustrating to you or did it fall into place naturally?

PAM You know what is crazy? I didn’t realize that until you asked the question! I would love to ask the author the purpose of omitting the name (even though I did not even notice…). I wonder what that says about me as a reader! I agree that it was hard to choose a favorite character. The author did an amazing job of allowing us to see different sides of each character, making it easy to feel the changing dynamics throughout the story. The boy is interviewing Ona for a school project and records answers to questions he poses. He refuses to talk on the tape, but the interviews come to life as we can infer his questions and comments based on her answers. This was my favorite part of the book, as it allowed me to feel their relationship and how they brought out the best in each other. Did you feel the same about their relationship and how the author shared it with readers?

BECKY I loved these two unlikely friends and their connection. The author did a great job slowly creating a cast of individuals that alone are good but together… make something special. There are multiple layers to the story and the boy’s recording of Ona’s life story felt realistic. As I read, I could hear the recorder click on and the boys muffled presence in the background. As wonderful as the writing was there, I didn’t feel a connection with the mother. Her story is smaller than the rest so maybe that was the reason. Did you feel like she had a large enough presence in the story?

PAM I also felt that this character was not as developed and did not feel connected to her. There were so many sides to the boy’s mother, but they didn’t add up to a character I could understand. She suffers a great loss and I felt very sad for her, but didn’t understand her abrupt switches between childlike and authoritarian behaviors. Perhaps, it was also because deep down I liked the boy’s father and wanted her to help him feel connected and them to come together in this time of sadness. Their relationship had been rocky from the beginning, although he always loved her. Did you also hope they could help each other?

BECKY I usually defend the mother in a story but in this book I too was a fan of the father. I imagined a different ending to the story in regard to their relationship but am completely satisfied with the path the author chose. I think that they did help each other in an unusual way. It may not have been presented in a pretty box with a bow but their journey did resolve some emotions that were in limbo. One of the reasons that I like this book so much is that the characters were broken and didn’t fit into a typical mold. If you liked the novel, A Man Called Ove then you would like this story as well. Both books touch on the loneliness of seniors citizens. A boy sharing a few hours, once a week brought great joy to Ona. After reading this book did you look at the seniors in your life differently?

PAM This story certainly shares a perspective that is often overlooked. Ona is very alone after her dear friend passes. She spends days by herself, except for some interaction with volunteers as she receives assistance from the community. We all get so busy with our daily lives, that it is easy to forget people in this situation. The boy filled this empty spot for Ona. As she answers the boy’s interview questions, Ona is given the opportunity to reflect on her past and people in her life. She struggles with seeing loved ones grow old and pass on. Do you feel that she struggled with this because she didn’t see herself in this light?

BECKY Absolutely, she was still active and as independent as she could be with her physical limits. It is clearly difficult when piers are passing away. It not only creates a loneliness but a realization that time is nearing its end. A dear lady that I know in her 90’s told me that an ‘old guy’ was moving into her senior living center. I believe that her and Ona share a similar opinion that others are getting weak and older but they are feeling young and capable. I would imagine that this positive attitude is a healthier choice but the realization that their circle of friends are diminishing is real. The author did a beautiful job creating this story and I think a book club would have some interesting topics to discuss. It’s time to say goodby to The-One-In-A-Million Boy and move to your book pick for September. Please tell us what we will discuss next month.

PAM Next month, we will discuss Lisa See’s novel, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. We will learn about the Akha, a Chinese ethnic minority, and the art of producing a special type of tea, while we follow the life of Li-yan.

Local Author Spotlight


A Better Self Through Dog Training

By Marissa Martino, CTC, CPDT-KA

Human/Canine Behavior Connection – A Better Self Through Dog Training is a dog training and personal growth book designed to help you and your canine companion expand as individuals and grow together as a team. This training and behavior modification approach teaches the reader skills and concepts in order to modify four systems: the dog’s response to the world, the owner’s response to their dog, the relationship between the owner and their dog and the owner’s relationship to their world. The book offers: 1. The 10 steps of behavior modification for you & your dog 2. Identifying the parallels between how you and your dog perceive the world 3. Training techniques to modify your dog’s behavior 4. Steps for you to implement in order to promote a deeper connection between you and your dog 5. Exercises to foster a deeper connection between you and your world. Our relationship with our canine companions can be a window into how we relate to the world around us. It gives us insight into what holds us back and shows us where we can expand and connect in our own lives. Enjoy this process, and let the experience of training and behavior modification go deep within yourself.

This book is available for purchase on Learn more at


By H.C. Schaffer

Paul Morgan had lived in the shadow of his older brother Lewis for most of his life. But when Lewis graduated from high school, something happened that altered the direction of the entire Morgan family. Paul suspected that his brother had been influenced by their uncle, a priest and the highest ranking official in the Vatican’s Financial Center. Father Morgan had traveled from Rome for the graduation and what he told the Morgan brothers that day shook Paul to his core. From that day on, Paul was determined to do whatever was necessary to learn his uncle’s secret. What he uncovered at the Vatican would force Paul to use every means at his disposal to stop his uncle’s evil plot and when the truth was revealed it would shock the world.

This book is available for purchase on