A Family of Shops Makes its Home in Parker

A Family of Shops Makes its Home in Parker

Ten years ago, Mile High Net Stores LLC got its start in a small in-home office with nothing more than a computer and “entrepreneurial zeal.” Many (many) late nights and long weekends later and Mile High Net Stores has grown into a family of online shops providing unique tools that sometimes seem from a time long ago… paper and pen.

Mulberry Paper and More (www.MulberryPaperAndMore.com) is the destination for artists, crafters, and paper lovers alike. Carrying both hand-made papers and machine made mulberry papers, including some which are laser or ink jet printer compatible. Take a peek at their other specialty papers including Banana Paper, Mexican Amate Paper, Hand Made Marbled Momi Paper, Mango Paper, Nepalese Lokta Paper, Japanese Washi Paper, and Chiyogami (Yuzen Washi.) Find over 1000 different papers made in places like Italy, France and India. Perfect for wedding invitations or other special projects.

The Writing Pen Store (www.TheWritingPenStore.com) takes the task of finding the perfect writing instrument to the next level. Find unique dip pens made from glass, pens small enough to fit in your wallet to giant, ergonomic pens for those having a hard time with their grip or to help alleviate writer’s cramp, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or arthritis. For those lucky left-handers, there are specialty pens designed just for you! For little ones learning to write, check out The Pencil Grip, Writing Claw and Triangle Grip as well as all things creative such as crayons, colored pencils, highlighters, chalk markers and more!

If you’re one that treasures the “perfect” pen, find your next one from their collection of ACME, Batle Studios, Jac Zagoory, and Troika contemporary designers. Or, for an authentic touch of history, pick from their variety of Glass Dip and Calligraphy Pens.

The Origami Paper Shop (www.TheOrigamiPaperShop.com) will be a virtual wonderland for artisans and amateurs alike looking for the perfect origami papers. Imported from Japan, Nepal, and Thailand, their origami papers provide an enchanting origami experience. Select luxurious and durable Nepalese Lokta Papers for natural hues and highlights or lightweight Thai Unryu (Kozo) paper for projects requiring a soft feel and fine details. For those into Le Crimp, Hand-Marbled Momi Papers provide uneven and heavy textures without the need to crumple the paper. They even carry Japanese Chiyogami Origami Paper providing intricate, hand-silk screened prints for ornate projects and paper doll folding. What’s the difference between these origami papers and others on the market? The fibers. Lokta, Kozo, and Momi papers contain long, plant fibers instead of wood pulp. The longer fibers provide greater strength, less tearing and less feathering than papers made from wood pulp. The fibers provide depth and textures that are not found in copy paper or other machine made papers.

However, if you enjoy traditional solid colors and prints in a rainbow of colors, they also carry a large variety of Japanese Origami Paper Kits. Many of these kits contain basic origami patterns and instructions. Browse the selection and choose the paper that is right for you.

All three of these online stores are operated by Parker residents Jennifer and Rick Vaughn and orders are filled out of their warehouse here in Parker. Next time you’re feeling crafty, needing some invitations or just want to sit down and script a good ol’ fashioned, handwritten letter, check out the gorgeous paper and pen products from their family of online stores and see where your craftiness takes you!

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