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The Children’s Train: Escape on the Kindertransport

Historical Fiction Book about the Holocaust

By Jana Zinser

In November 1938 on The Night of the Broken Glass, the Jewish people of Germany are terrified as Hitler’s men shatter their store windows, steal and destroy their belongings, and arrest many Jewish fathers and brothers. Parents fear for their own lives but their focus is on protecting their children. When England arranges to take the children out of Germany by train, the Kindertransport is organized and parents scramble to get places on the trains for their young family members, worried about what the future will hold. Soon, trains filled with Jewish children escaping the Nazis chug over the border into Holland, where they are ferried across the English Channel to England and to freedom. But for Peter, the shy violin player, his sister Becca, and his friends Stephen and Hans, life in England holds challenges as well. Peter’s friend Eva, who did not get a seat on the Kindertransport, is left to the evil plans of Hitler. Peter, working his musician’s hands raw at a farm in Coventry, wonders if they should have stayed and fought back instead of escaping. When the Coventry farm is bombed and Nazis have reached England, Peter feels he has nothing left. He decides it’s time to stand and fight Hitler. Peter returns to Germany to join the Jewish underground resistance, search for the mother and sister he left behind in Berlin, and rescue his childhood friend Eva.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.
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Local Author Spotlight

A Photographer’s Eye and A Traveler’s Heart

One Couple’s Epic 21 Month World Journey

By Don Mammoser
In late 2010, professional photographer Don Mammoser began an open-ended, world-wide journey of discovery. He took with him just a backpack, a camera and one lens. A female acquaintance, Anya, from Russia accompanied him on a trial basis at first, then permanently after their traveling romance flourished.
Together, the couple moved non-stop across the earth for twenty-one months. They traveled as local people and with local people the entire time. This means that they rode on camels and elephants, in countless tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and on untold overcrowded buses. They went via dugout canoes, old bikes, kayaks, river tubes, and endless boats, ferries and other assorted floating devices. They survived numerous typhoons, food poisoning, a crashed motorbike, wildlife encounters, injuries, and decrepit Indonesian ferries. They were caught in angry oceans, often dealt with inhospitable immigration authorities and got eaten alive by more mosquitoes and leeches than they care to remember. They visited 28 countries on 4 continents.
During their travels, Don and Anya got engaged in Montenegro and married on the beach in the Dominican Republic. What began as a simple friendship between an American man and a Russian girl ended in an amazing partnership where these two vagabonds travel through life together, attempting to simply have an uncommon existence.
This book is one chapter in their story, told through gorgeous, full-color photography along with plenty of personal prose. When not travelling, Don and Anya live in Parker, Colorado.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.
Learn more at www.donmammoserphoto.com.

Pieces of Accordance

By Liz Rau
Sasha Reads has always wanted to be a writer, but she’s never known where to begin. So when her grandmother leaves her an old photograph of a house in Missouri, she finally feels inspired to write. But when secrets of the house begin to unfold, and the town’s most romantic love story comes to light, things start to feel more like a memory from a dream than reality. What has Sasha gotten herself into? The one secret that may unlock the mystery of the house, and the reason Sasha feels so drawn to the small town life, is hidden inside a trunk in the attic. But without the key, will Sasha ever discover what her story is?

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com and on Kindle.
Learn more on www.lizrauofficial.com.

Local Author Spotlight



By Disa Van Orman & Dylan Skye Goedeker
Oh, you are wrong if you think I’m gone, I am right there in your favorite song…” is how their new adventure began. Grandmother and Grandson. Gebra and Buffalo Boy. Disa and Dylan.

A poem is given to a grandmother by her 6-year-old grandson who dies suddenly. In great pain, she intends to write about the wonderful times they shared. Instead, she hears her amazing grandson tell her a poem that lets her know that he is not truly gone and is still with her.

Gebra cannot see or touch him as she did before. Yet, if she uses all her senses, she is aware of his presence. As an artist and photographer, Disa uses her beautiful photographs of animals and nature to bring to life the feelings and emotions this amazing child is sharing to repair his family’s broken heart.

Dylan sends her signs that he is there, right by her side. As she writes his words, he asks her to share them with the world, to young and old, to give hope to others that their loved one shines on too.

Hey, don’t forget that part about blossom, because I want this to end with, ‘Man… that would be awesome!!’

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Written By Ericka Harrell & Illustrated by Krysta Parr
Three silly words, one silly story! What do you get when you take two best friends, one little brother, a bunch of imagination, and oodles of teamwork? Oh yes, and let’s not forget… a pizza, a treehouse and a shark?!? One silly story!

A little about Three Silly Words…
Ericka Harrell is a new children’s book author based in Parker. Her illustrator, Krysta Parr, is based in Centennial.

Last year, Krysta and Ericka were chosen to be bridesmaids in their dear friend’s wedding. Having never met before, the two began talking, and lo and behold, they both had life-long dreams of writing and illustrating children’s books. Last fall, after 17 years of service at Ericka’s beloved company, she hung up her corporate high heels and decided to chase her dream of becoming a children’s book author full time. Krysta also recently accepted her dream job and is working as a graphic artist at a large company.

Ericka’s children inspired her book series. When they were little and couldn’t fall asleep, Ericka would ask them to think of three words, any three words, and she would make up a silly story that included all of them. The more unrelated the words, the sillier the story! Ten years later, Three Silly Words, the book series, was born!

All of the “three silly words” used in Ericka’s books are created by her children, their silly friends, and the young students she reads to. Ericka has two titles self-published to date, “Three Silly Words: The Tale of a Pizza, a Treehouse and a Shark,” and “Three Silly Words: The Tale of a Car, a Banana and a Ladybug.” Both are available on Amazon. Her first title is also available on BarnesandNoble.com.

Local Author Spotlight

My Journey Through Chronic Pain

By Peggy Robinson
This is the author’s autobiography of her journey through the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. The book goes beyond focusing on fibromyalgia to all those who suffer chronic pain. The book covers topics that do not appear in other books about pain. The author discusses the issues of grief and loss, levels and stages of pain, changes in relationships, dealing with the voice of pain and coping techniques. There is an appendix that gives insight and support for those who care for the chronically ill.

About the Author
Peggy Robinson has been a counselor for 27 years, a college professor for 13 years, and foster mother of 9. She has recently retired to further her writing career. Her next book with Christmas stories for all ages will be out this fall.

My Journey Through Chronic Pain can be purchased from the author by contacting her at probinson@gmail.com or through Amazon. Books will also be available at Barnes and Noble.

Never The Same

By S. Donovan
Taylor Montgomery is an intelligent, assertive, capable young Chicago police detective. While working on a case, Taylor disappears. She is found two days later, savagely beaten and left for dead. Taylor recovers physically, but emotionally she is devastated. She remembers nothing of what happened though now she is fearful, cautious, weak, unsure of herself. Her life as she knew it is over. She is trapped in the middle of nowhere; a past she can barely remember, a future that holds nothing but agonizing fear. With therapy and the love and support of her friends and family, Taylor slowly begins to trust again. She moves to Arizona to get a fresh start and meets a woman whose spiritual teachings help Taylor begin to accept what happened in her life and to realize she has the choice to move forward or stay mired in the past. This is the story of a young woman’s awakening to the belief that we are the creators of our lives and only we can choose how we want that life to be.

About the Author
Sally Donovan lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, two daughters, five cats, three dogs, horses, chickens and their cow named Dinner. She began consciously walking her spiritual path many years ago and plans to open a metaphysical bookstore within the next year.

For more information or to order additional copies of this book, call 602-697-6291.
Sally Donovan 1101 Auburn Dr. #2306 Castle Rock, CO. 80109


A Colorado Day: Nature’s Inspirations from the Centennial State

By Kristin Acker Miller
Illustrated by Tracy Herrmann

Trail alongside animals as they go about their day in this lovely children’s picture book about life in the natural world from dawn until dusk. Featuring vibrant colors, beautifully expressive illustrations and a melodic, rhyming story including the names of Colorado wildlife and vegetation. Plus a bonus “Facts About Colorado” page offers interesting facts about the state of Colorado. Ideal for children ages 2-7.

About the Author
With a lifelong love of writing, Colorado resident, Kristin Acker Miller has written countless articles spanning 20 years as a magazine editor and writer. Following a long-held dream to publish a children’s book and possessing a profound sense of appreciation for nature, Ms. Miller created Dreaming Tree Books with the intent to publish children’s picture books that highlight the fascinating wildlife and landscapes of the natural world. Her hope is to encourage reading and an enthusiasm for nature among young children.

A Colorado Day is available at www.dreamingtreebooks.com

A Pocketful of Seeds

By Debbie Johnson

Each person has a “Pocket of Seeds” to plant for positive change. Inspired by the teachings of Christ, this book is for anyone wishing to make a difference in the world around them. In A Pocketful of Seeds, author and social-change agent Debbie Johnson issues a challenge to herself and her readers: let’s sow “seeds” into the world every day for a year and see how we – and the world – are changed.

A Pocketful of Seeds isn’t just a devotional; it’s a collection of inspirations and ideas for world changers. And it’s not just for established Mother Teresas or Nelson Mandelas, but for everyday people who itch to break free and make an impact – a real impact. If that is the cry of your heart, then you are the perfect person to take on the 365-day challenge of A Pocketful of Seeds.

Each entry combines a compelling story with an action – a seed to be sown that day, like hanging out with someone of a different socioeconomic group or calling an elderly friend or making a microloan. Some daily seeds will fill you with delight, and some will call for sacrifice. All will make the world a better place, because one thing is definitely true: when seeds are sown, life happens.

A Pocketful of Seeds is available at www.debbieljohnson.com and Amazon

Local Author Spotlight

localauthorspotlight-dec2016SONS OF IO

A Trilogy By Alain Medel

Sins of IO (Book One)

Sins of the Father (Book Two)

Apotheosis (Book Three)

In the year 2086, three friends, Virgil, Haley and Cameron, are prisoners in Purgatory. After a nuclear war on Earth, the remaining humans now inhabit IO, a moon orbiting Jupiter. The inhabitants of Purgatory are told that they have a deadly virus and must be quarantined. Virgil knows the truth. There is no virus, but the 124 children in Purgatory do have unique Gifts. Virgil has telekinesis, Haley can manipulate sound waves, and Cameron can heal others. Determined to escape their prison, the three friends hatch a daring plan. Will they make it out of Purgatory? What will they find if they do?

The Sons of IO trilogy is available on Amazon, B&N Nook, & iBooks

Local Author Spotlight

localauthorspotlight_nov2016The Wise Woman’s Almanac

By Connie Pshigoda
It doesn’t matter what age you are . . . author and Natural Health Coach Connie Pshigoda has crafted a variety of seasonal health tips and delicious recipes to satisfy your hunger for a better life and year-round well-being.
Within The Wise Woman’s Almanac, she connects Nature’s four distinct seasons plus a bonus one to your natural life phases. The result is the perfect formula for today’s woman.

Throughout, you will use reflective questions, seasonal food lists, charts and exercises to achieve optimal well-being. You’ll discover that your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality are the essence of good health and wellness rather than just the lack of disease.

Connie’s entertaining farm-life analogies bring life to each season and a lightness to the ever-daunting personal responsibility of maintaining optimal health.

The Wise Woman’s Almanac may be purchased on Amazon.com

Journey Home:

A Thank You to American Veterans

Written & Illustrated by Tori Meyer
Through the eyes of a finch, young Lee takes an imaginary journey around the world following an American Soldier. During this journey, she begins to understand what freedoms are, and why we thank those who vow to protect them.

Tori Meyer, a mom and artist living in Colorado, is a member of SCBWI, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the local art guild. While living outside the United States for several years, she took art classes, experimenting with sculpture, painting, and pencil drawing. Meyer has a Journalism degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Journey Home is available on RedBirdJourney.com and Amazon.com

Local Author Spotlight


By Chris LaFata

Former history professor John Curry has been recruited by a time-travel company to scout the best vantage point for clients to witness the inauguration of the first President of the United States. There’s just one problem: When he arrives in 1789, there is no inauguration—and no United States. Until this point, the time-travel job has had its perks. Getting relationship advice from the legendary lover, Casanova, was valuable. Accompanying Casanova to the opening night of Mozart’s opera, Don Giovanni, was even better.

But being stranded in the British Colony of New York isn’t what he signed up for. Few people have even heard of George Washington, and the short-lived American Revolution failed—presumably because Washington wasn’t alive to lead it. John always knew history could change on a dime, but not after it already happened. Right?

After learning Washington was killed thirty years earlier during the French and Indian War, John realizes the only way he can return home is to ensure there’s a United States to return to. Everything hinges on keeping Washington alive—not the easiest task protecting someone famous for leading battles on the front lines while perched on a horse. While traveling further back through time to protect Washington, he uncovers a secret the Freemasons have kept for more than two and a half centuries and learns that the history he thought he knew was completely wrong.

Available at Amazon or www.ChrisLaFata.com


By Cara Wilson-Granat

The Diary of Anne Frank, one of our enduring inspirational books, published by the only family survivor, motivated people all over the world to carry on Anne’s message of love and hope in their own lives. Otto Frank never wanted Anne remembered as a victim but as a living spirit through her words.

A generation later, a young American girl began conversations with Otto through letters reflecting her own chaotic teenage years and the violence in America in the 1960s and `70s. His responses helped her as she matured into a loving, trusting woman.

Cara Wilson-Granat (Weiss-Wilson at the time of their correspondence) wrote this book from her extraordinary friendship with Otto and the inspiration she drew from it. He validated her need to be heard and respected; he became her mentor, her wise “grandfather” as he was for many, many others worldwide. He taught the importance of tolerance and true spirituality, focusing on the power of love, not revenge. He said “If the end of the world would be imminent, I still would plant a tree today.” He truly lived his message.

Cara’s nearly twenty-year correspondence with Otto culminated in a memorable meeting shortly before his death, the impact of which continues to influence her life even today. Her remarkable book helps others lead fulfilling lives and renews our faith in the possibility of hope, peace, and making positive choices every moment.

Available at Amazon or www.WordsFromCara.com

Local Author Spotlight

LocalAuthorSpotlight-Sept2016STILL MISSING MAX:

By Julie Burget Schrock

Missing Max is a compelling story of one mother’s journey as Julie recalls the extraordinary events surrounding the death of her Marine son, Corporal Max W. Donahue, who was killed in Afghanistan in August, 2010. You will share her despair, fears, tears and finally, her hope as Julie moves through the days and months following word of Max’s injury, and then his death.

Missing Max is a must-read for anyone who has lost a loved one. It encourages the reader to live a life focused on making their lost loved one proud. Julie writes of moving through the grieving process and, through her faith and the love of family and friends, begins the healing process and going forward with her life.

Julie’s hope in writing Max’s story is that it will provide strength, hope, courage and faith to those who need it. And she hopes that Max, and all fallen soldiers, will never be forgotten.

Still Missing Max: The Expanded Version tells of the intimate way God carried Julie through the years following Max’s death. Even if the reader doesn’t share her faith, most won’t dispute that something miraculous was and is occurring.


By Davin Colten

An impetuous young girl helps the gorgeous Inspector Hunnam solve the case, in this suspenseful, romantic, murder-mystery adventure set in 1920’s London.

1928 London, we are introduced to all the guests who are attending the murder mystery dinner, two attractive party girls, a young couple from West Sussex, a mother and daughter, and a last minute reservation, are among the interesting guest list. One by one they arrive at the elegant Brown’s Hotel, where the host greets them, and the murder mystery event begins. Halfway through the evening, one of the guests is murdered!

A room full of suspects, we find out the victim had many enemies, and several of the guests had a motive for murder. The tall, blonde, gorgeous, Detective Inspector Hunnam, and his partner, Detective Sergeant Weston, are brought in on the case to investigate the murder. During the course of their investigation, Inspector Hunnam falls for one of the suspects, the beautiful Miss Grey. A romance blossoms as she helps the Inspector investigate.

One of the suspects is a runner. A mysterious stranger in a pinstriped suit leads to a dangerous chase and a second murder occurs. We find a stolen pearl necklace, a diamond bracelet worth several thousands of pounds, the murder weapon, bad business dealings, gambling debts, and cocaine. Inspector Hunnam, along with his Sergeant and the help of Miss Grey, solve the case, knowing this is just the beginning for the two of them till their next exciting murder mystery adventure.

Available at Amazon and B&N in paperback and on kindle.

Local Author Spotlight

LocalAuthorSpotlight_Aug2016MR. ELEPHANT’S RIO TOUR

Written by Janie Dullard
Illustrated by Dow Phumiruk
Mr. Elephant is an unusual elephant. For one thing, he has a job – as a tour guide! Come along as Mr. Elephant guides young readers on a fascinating tour of Rio de Janeiro. With the help of his famous yellow umbrella, he’ll introduce you to the culture, traditions and iconic landmarks of the Marvelous City.
Mr. Elephant’s Rio Tour is a fun way for children (and their parents) to explore the fascinating city that will be hosting the world for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Kids will enjoy the colorful illustrations of places and animals, while parents and teachers will love the opportunity to introduce fun facts about Brazil. As a bonus, when the Olympics come to Rio, kids will be excited to recognize the different places they’ve already learned about in the book.

To purchase Mr. Elephant’s Rio Tour, visit www.YellowUmbrellaTours.com



By Swarna Shiv
Sam’s family lives in a very friendly neighborhood. And that’s a good thing, too! For one day, while Sam plays hopscotch in her favorite flats, her shoe falls off and she lands right on her toe! It hurts so much! It’s time to head off to visit the neighbors to discover who can help Sam’s toe! There must be someone very special who knows all about how to heal a toe. But who could it be? Join Sam, a curious little girl with a hurt toe, as she ventures through her neighborhood with her mother in search of just the right someone who can fix her toe!

Can You Fix Sam’s Toe is available online at barnesandnoble.com