Hope and Healing, Close to Home

cancercenterwebWith new radiation therapy services, local residents have access to a broad spectrum of cancer care without traveling for treatment.

When you’re facing cancer there are a host of considerations and decisions to make, but what matters most from a medical perspective is the availability of a full spectrum of care and expertise. You want a highly skilled medical oncologist to drive your treatment, a surgeon who is in-tune with the latest oncologic procedures, access to promising new interventions through clinical trials, and a skilled radiation oncologist directing your radiation therapy. With the addition of this final component — a new 10,000-square-foot radiation therapy center that opened this fall — Parker Adventist Hospital now offers full-service advanced cancer care close to home for residents of Parker and nearby communities.

Bringing Care Home
Until now, residents of Parker and beyond had to drive 20 minutes or more to receive radiation therapy. Since radiation is often needed daily for four to six weeks, that meant a lot of driving and a lot of stress. For patients who did not have access to transportation, it could have even meant going without. The new radiation therapy center at Parker Adventist Hospital provides a much-needed service for this fast-growing region. “We’re a convenient, comprehensive, multidisciplinary center where physicians have the ability to communicate and work very closely together because we’re all on the same campus,” says radiation oncologist Darlene Bugoci, MD. “This allows patients to get all of their cancer treatments in one location.”

Spreading Hope
A full range of advanced cancer care treatment options isn’t all you’ll find at Parker Adventist Hospital. Caring here is also about giving hope. “It’s been proven that patients have better outcomes when hope exists — within themselves and in their care environment,” says Connie Wood, director of oncology and medical imaging at Parker Adventist Hospital. “We’re working hard on training staff around hope and the healing arts, including music, massage therapy, and other adjunct offerings to help our patients along this journey.” These extra programs are fully funded by the Parker Hospital Foundation through donations from the community and proceeds from sales in the hospital gift shop.

Parker Adventist Hospital’s cancer program is accredited by the Commission on Cancer (CoC). Parker Adventist Hospital received eight commendations from the CoC — a remarkably rare achievement for a new program.

To learn more, go online to parkerhospital.org/cancer-care. Cancer Center Main Number: 303-269-4975.