A Celebration of Extraordinary Women

A Celebration of Extraordinary Women

The 2nd Annual Women of Achievement Awards

By Tiffany Grizzle

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

Last spring, I found myself at a large table, having wonderful conversations over a beautiful lunch with several people I had the pleasure of meeting just that afternoon. Ours was one of many tables in a much larger banquet room and throughout the afternoon, we had the honor of being introduced to neighbors in our community who were doing absolutely amazing things; things that we may never had learned of if it weren’t for the reason we were all gathered there – the Light ‘n’ Heart Awards and Women of Achievement Luncheon presented by the Rotary Club of Parker Cherry Creek Valley. Like most people, I believe, I try and do what I can for others. I volunteer at my children’s schools; I participate in fundraisers and charitable events and donate my time or money when and where I can when I am moved to do so. I realize I can always do more but I was completely awestruck by just how much more is possible. The women recognized at last year’s awards, especially the young women in our community, and the work they are doing within the community is absolutely astonishing.

This year’s 2nd Annual Women of Achievement Luncheon also serves as a 30 year celebration for all Rotary International Women. The Light ‘n’ Heart Awards were created to recognize the achievements of women in Douglas County for their leadership and service. Meeting in the Rotarian spirit of “Service Above Self,” this very special afternoon is sure to be another unforgettable event, and one that you will not want to miss. Tickets are available now (www.WomenAchieve.net) and this event is open to all community members and businesses. This year’s incredible nominees, none of whom asked to be put in the spotlight, will be most humbly accepting the recognition they so genuinely deserve.

Light ‘n’ Heart Awards will be presented to deserving nominees in the following categories: Achievement in Innovation, Achievement in Leadership, Achievement in Organizational Enhancement, Achievement in Service to Others, Mentoring Women, Young Women of Achievement & Unsung Heroine

The afternoon will include a Proclamation given by Rotary District 5450 Governor Bill Downes, and keynote addresses by Former 5450 Governor Mary Kay Hasz, Rotary President Mike Dunkel, Rotary Women Past, Present and Future and former Rotary President and Parker Mayor Mike Waid.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed last year’s luncheon and ceremony, I would highly encourage attending – you’ll meet some remarkable people and leave incredibly inspired, perhaps wanting to lend your talents and time to one of the recipient’s causes or be motivated to pursue your own passion.

The Women of Achievement Awards take place
Wednesday, May 3rd 11am-1pm at the
Denver Marriott South in Lone Tree
For Tickets, go to www.WomenAchieve.net

The Bookends

All Is Not Forgotten

By Wendy Walker

* * * We feel compelled to warn our readers that this is a sensitive topic and the story has graphic descriptions. This book is not for everyone. * * *

Jenny Kramer is a teenage girl that wanders a few hundred feet away from a local party. She is brutally violated in the woods behind the house where the party is given. While doctors are treating her physical injuries she is given a drug that will medically erase the traumatic memories of this assault. In time she physically heals from this horrific event but she will never be the same. Her country club mother, Charlotte prefers to pretend this tragedy did not touch their picture perfect world. Her father, Tom is obsessed with identifying the attacker and wants justice for his daughter. Dr. Forrester is familiar with this drug and its effect on victims. Will Jenny and her family, find the answers they need to completely recover from this nightmare.

BECKY This is such a tragic topic and it was difficult to read sections of this book. However, it is a disturbing but interesting psychological thriller. There are plans to make this into a movie and I am curious how they will retell this story. I encourage you to start the book when you have the time to read at least the first few chapters. I began by reading a small section and it took me awhile to get used to the style of storytelling. Pam, would you agree that it took a while to wrap your head around this story?

PAM I completely agree. It took me some time to become familiar with the author’s style of storytelling, specifically which character was talking. Parts of this story were very difficult to read. However, the author’s descriptions were of a clinical or investigative nature, which allowed the reader to be distanced from some of the emotion. Did you feel that the author used this type of description?

BECKY That is a great observation and although it took a bit to get use to, I enjoyed the distance it created. Once I acclimated to this style of writing it intensified the creepy factor for this story. It felt like I was reading a diary or listening in on a private conversation. What did you think about the possibility to erase memory through medical intervention? Would it be a blessing or a curse?

PAM I think it would first appear to be a blessing to anyone looking into this possibility. However, the emotional fallout described in the book would make anyone think twice. Perhaps a victim cannot fully heal and move past an event without the traumatic work of coming to terms with the details. As parents, we want to protect our children from anything harmful, either physical or emotional. This would have seemed as a blessing for their daughter. Tom questioned this method from the beginning, but Charlotte was insistent that it be used as soon as possible. If she had known the risks, do you feel Charlotte would have been as certain?

BECKY Charlotte wanted to put this tragedy in her past. I think that she would have brushed the risks aside because she wanted a fix for this terrible circumstance. I wonder what choice Jenny would have made if the decision would have been completely up to her that evening. Later in the story she will meet Sean and he has some experience with this drug treatment for PTSD. What did you think about this character? Was he a good support for Jenny or did he make the situation worse?

PAM What an excellent question about Jenny. I wonder what she would have chosen that night. Sean faced his own tragic events and is going through a similar experience with effects from the drug, as well as trying to come to terms with issues that have always caused personal struggles. Jenny and Sean had very different events that led them to their intersection, but find an understanding friend in each other. They felt that the other really understood when nobody else could. I was a bit uneasy about this relationship, although it did make a big difference for Jenny. Do you think this friendship helped Sean or gave him more to overcome?

BECKY He was an interesting character and I would have enjoyed learning more about him and his past. I feel that for both of them it was a relief to find someone that understood a similar pain. I think that focusing on Jenny was good for Sean and the connection was a balm for his scarred past. Do you agree that the female author was successful portraying significant male roles?

PAM Honestly, I didn’t realize the author was female until later in the story. I often read on my kindle and find that I do not refer to the title or author while reading a book. That means I usually cannot remember the name of the book I am currently reading! I find this to be true about the author, as well. I was convinced by the narrator of the story, although it was a male character. Since this character was telling the story from a personal, as well as a professional angle, it was an interesting perspective. Did you enjoy the way he told the story?

BECKY I enjoyed the style in which the narrator manipulated my mind while reading. At first we are held hostage not knowing whom was telling the story. Then later it was like you were reading a case file and only small bits of information is revealed. As disturbing as the situation was for this young girl, I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. I would look for this author again and I hope it is made into a movie as I think it would be interesting on the big screen. It is time to say goodbye to Jenny and pick up the next book. Please join us next month as we discuss, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman.

Local Author Spotlight

A Photographer’s Eye and A Traveler’s Heart

One Couple’s Epic 21 Month World Journey

By Don Mammoser
In late 2010, professional photographer Don Mammoser began an open-ended, world-wide journey of discovery. He took with him just a backpack, a camera and one lens. A female acquaintance, Anya, from Russia accompanied him on a trial basis at first, then permanently after their traveling romance flourished.
Together, the couple moved non-stop across the earth for twenty-one months. They traveled as local people and with local people the entire time. This means that they rode on camels and elephants, in countless tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and on untold overcrowded buses. They went via dugout canoes, old bikes, kayaks, river tubes, and endless boats, ferries and other assorted floating devices. They survived numerous typhoons, food poisoning, a crashed motorbike, wildlife encounters, injuries, and decrepit Indonesian ferries. They were caught in angry oceans, often dealt with inhospitable immigration authorities and got eaten alive by more mosquitoes and leeches than they care to remember. They visited 28 countries on 4 continents.
During their travels, Don and Anya got engaged in Montenegro and married on the beach in the Dominican Republic. What began as a simple friendship between an American man and a Russian girl ended in an amazing partnership where these two vagabonds travel through life together, attempting to simply have an uncommon existence.
This book is one chapter in their story, told through gorgeous, full-color photography along with plenty of personal prose. When not travelling, Don and Anya live in Parker, Colorado.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.
Learn more at www.donmammoserphoto.com.

Pieces of Accordance

By Liz Rau
Sasha Reads has always wanted to be a writer, but she’s never known where to begin. So when her grandmother leaves her an old photograph of a house in Missouri, she finally feels inspired to write. But when secrets of the house begin to unfold, and the town’s most romantic love story comes to light, things start to feel more like a memory from a dream than reality. What has Sasha gotten herself into? The one secret that may unlock the mystery of the house, and the reason Sasha feels so drawn to the small town life, is hidden inside a trunk in the attic. But without the key, will Sasha ever discover what her story is?

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com and on Kindle.
Learn more on www.lizrauofficial.com.

Senior Life Expo

Senior Life Expo

Bringing All Things Senior Together in One Place

Everyone knows the population is aging. 10,000 boomers turn 65 every single day in our country. The senior population in Douglas County is increasing as citizens are aging and more seniors are moving here to be close to family. Seniors in our communities very much have the desire to continue to make informed choices, contribute to their community, continue to learn, and prepare for their future. However, figuring all this out can be a daunting task, even to those who have lived here for years, because so much is changing. In response to this growth, more government programs are being offered, and many businesses and non-profit organizations are dedicating themselves to the senior population in the Douglas County area.

The goal of the upcoming Douglas County Senior Life Expo is to bring the seniors and the providers of services together in one place. This free “all things senior” event will be on Thursday, April 20th, from 2:00pm-6:00pm, at the Douglas County Events Center, located at 500 Fairgrounds Road in Castle Rock (corner of Plum Creek Parkway and Perry Street.) While the location is in Castle Rock, it is a Douglas County-wide event with partners representing the entire county and metro area.

Seniors, and their family members, will have a chance to speak with representatives from more than seventy providers of services representing many facets of senior life including housing, home care, health care, transportation, government services, insurance, senior organizations, senior assistance, funeral and cremation services, things to do to be involved in the community, ways to stay active, and much more. Even if services are not needed now, it is valuable to know where to find help before the time it is needed. Attendees will be provided a program book with contact information by category for all partners, providing a wealth of information and resources. There will also be free seminars with topics of interest to seniors by leading experts in their fields. These will run on the half-hour beginning at 2:30 pm. Written materials, give-aways and door prizes will be found throughout the exhibit hall. Concessions will be available for purchase.

The event is organized by the Castle Rock Senior Activity Center. “About 500 people came to the Senior Life Expo last year, and we were honored by the gratitude of those families that were able to get information about assistance for a loved one,” explained Debbi Haynie, Executive Director. “The organizations that have partnered with us for this event truly care about the senior community, and want to make life better for senior citizens.” Event planners expect that the Expo will continue to grow in coming years. More information can be found at www.castlerockseniorcenter.org or 303-688-9498.




Additional programming will be added, see Program Book at event

2:30 PM

    • “Navigating the Senior Care Maze” by Phil Hotaling of Answers for Senior Care
    • “Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning” by Darrell Gubbels of Gubbels Law Office

3:00 PM

    • “What is Vision Loss? What Can You Do?” by Shirley Proppe of A-3 (Empowering People with Vision Loss)
    • “Advancements in Hearing Technology” by Linda Fudge, AuD, Audiologist from Lone Tree Health Center, UC Health Hearing and Balance Center

3:30 PM

    • “How to Keep Your Mind Fit” by Jonathan Wells and Juliana Young of Home Care Assistance
    • “The Art of Independence” by Michael Hurwitz of Bonaventure of Castle Rock

4:00 PM

    • “Getting to Know Hospice” – by Ally Willis and Mary Simpson of New Century Hospice

4:30 PM

    • “The Truth About the New Reverse Mortgages (What Every Senior Should Know)” by James Warburton of High Tech Lending

5:00 PM

    • “Healthcare and Long-Term Care in Retirement Planning” by Erik S. Witt IAR, Wealth Watch Advisors

From The Publisher

Get Bald, Fight Cancer, Be Awesome!

Cancer sucks. Sorry for such strong language, but I don’t know any other way to put it. Cancer just plain and simply sucks. Especially if the person battling this awful disease is a child. Not only is it scary to fight this battle, but kids also have to undergo the negative effects of treatment including losing their hair during chemo.

This is where you come in. You can become a warrior against cancer, help raise money to find a cure and stand in solidarity with a proud bald head! That’s right, you going under the clippers can make the difference in this fight against pediatric cancer.

Here is all you have to do. Head over to shavethemayor.com and click the GET SHAVED button at the top of the page to sign up as a “shavee” at the 5th annual Shave the Mayor fundraiser for the St. Baldrick’s foundation. Once you sign up, you will set a goal to raise and start asking your friends and family to support you. Let them know that if you reach your goal, you will go bald for them…and for all the kids who don’t have the choice to go bald, but do so while fighting cancer and undergoing treatment.

Young or old, boy or girl, no matter who you are or what you do, we can all pull together to show these kids that they are not alone when they lose their hair and the we are battling along side them to find a cure.

This year we are trying to get 200 people to shave their heads at our event. It is a big goal but I know we can do it. This year we lost one of the young men who we started this event for to cancer. It is in Dalton’s name that we are striving for this huge goal…and I know we can do it with your help.

So please join us in becoming a cancer warrior. Head over to ShaveTheMayor.com and join me, my son Matthew and many others as we go bald on April 29th and become warriors against pediatric cancer!

Experience Parker


Kids’ Zone at Parker Rec

Throughout the year, Parker Recreation’s Kids’ Zone programming allows for even the littlest visitors to take advantage of terrific activities at the Rec Center. In March, Kids’ Zone events are sure to be a hit! On March 13th, join them for a Fairy Tea Party from 10-11:30am. Along with tea and fairy snacks, all attendees will help plant a Fairy Garden. Tuesday, March 28th, all caped crusaders can get in on the fun at Superhero Day! From 10-11:30am, have your little one come dressed as their favorite super hero for games (and snacks) fit for Marvel and DC’s finest! (Cost is $17 for residents, $19 for non-residents.) If your Fairy Princesses or Superheroes are ready for even more fun (and moms and dads are ready for a night out) register them for Parker Rec’s monthly Parents’ Night Out on March 11th. From 6:00pm-10:30pm, kiddos can enjoy crafts, games, activities and even down time with family-friendly movies with concessions available to purchase. Registration for Parents Night Out is strongly suggested.

For more information on Kids’ Zone programming, Parent’s Night Out or registration, go to www.parkerrec.com.


Cotton Kids Consignment

Kids’ clothes are one of life’s great mysteries. They seem to multiply on their own in the laundry hamper and when it seems that you’ve just purchased the perfect pair of pants, they are suddenly inches too short! Clothes, toys, books and even furniture – all of it can be quite costly. Here in Parker, Cotton Kids Consignment helps to ease the strain of not only that cost but also to help lessen the load on your closets and drawers, overflowing with gently used and much loved toys and clothes. Cotton Kids allows consigners to bring in 20 items per day, Wednesday through Saturday. Check their website as certain items are only accepted seasonally (such as bikes, scooters and outdoor toys.) Customers can shop for everything from maternity wear and accessories, to children’s toys and furniture and, of course, new additions to wardrobes from infants to young adults. Charter school uniforms are also available year round!

Cotton Kids is located at 10920 S. Parker Road, Suite B-5

Go to www.cottonkidsconsignment.com or call 303.840.9901

where in town?

A Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Would you like a $100 gift certificate to Trappers Chop House? Look through the magnifying glass and simply guess correctly where in Parker this is. We will randomly draw a winner from all correct entries! CLICK HERE to enter online – GOOD LUCK!

Did you figure out last month’s “Where in Town” photo? Yep! It was Parker Recreation Center’s Indoor Pool. The indoor pools feature a diving well and board, six, 25 yard lanes, a shallow water play/instruction area, an activity pool with a zero-depth entry (featured in the photo) a lazy river, water slide, aquatic climbing wall and warm water therapy pool. The pool is open year round with hours varying by season. Admission is included in daily admission, punch card or membership. The Parker Recreation Center is located at 17301 E. Lincoln Ave.

Kids Party

Kids Party

Are you ready to PAR-TAY! Planning a kids’ party can sometimes be a daunting task. With so many options of what to do and where to go, we thought we would help out a bit so that you can have the most awesome-est party ever for your kids. We’ve prepared a list of super cool places in our area that provide out-of-this-world kids party experiences. Now, let’s PARTY!

Fencing Academy of Parker

12870 Stroh Ranch Ct. #105, Parker CO 80134
Fencing or Jedi Training parties- Kids will learn the basics of fencing or jedi training in a safe and fun environment. Birthday parties last 2 hours and are offered for kids ages 6 and older.
Party Size: Up to 24 kids
Cost: $15 per person ($150 minimum charge)

Castle Rock Zip Line Tours

1375 West Plum Creek Parkway, Castle Rock, CO 80109
If you’re ready for the ultimate birthday adventure, then check out Castle Rock Zip Line Tours. Not only could the kids have a great time on our 10 thrilling zip lines, we also offer the EPIC Sky Trek Challenge featuring 4 full levels with over 110 challenging elements and a 42’ climbing wall!
Party Size: 8-100
Cost: Epic Sky Trek $39


10158 S. Parker Road, Parker CO 80138
Choose from Canvas Painting, Clay or Glass Fusing Arty Parties at Monart. Each guest will create a unique piece of art centered around a theme chosen by the birthday boy or girl. A two hour party includes all materials and instruction as well as use of our studio to celebrate with a birthday treat.
Party Size: 11-25
Cost: $250-$275

Pirates Cove

1225 W Belleview Ave, Littleton CO 80120
Pirates Cove is pleased to offer two Birthday Party Packages. The Captain Cook party is for up to 15 guests and the Billy Bones party is for up to 25 guests. Additional guests can be added. Go to www.parties.piratescovecolorado.com to book a party.
Party Size: more than 25
Cost: $274 and $354

20 Mile Athletic Center

18499 Longs Way Suite 101, Parker CO 80134
We offer gymnastics themed birthday parties for all ages. Our 90 minute parties include:
2 party coordinators, trampolines, age appropriate games and fun time in pit, A 20 Mile gift bag for birthday child with t-shirt, medal and 20 Mile goodies, party area with service for food, gifts and goodies, set up and clean up, complimentary Invitations.
Party Size: more than 25
Cost: $185 and up

Dart Warz

8150 S University Blvd, Centennial CO 80122
Our party packages are public or private parties! 15 min in the briefing room, 1 hour and 15 min of play and 30 min in the party room! We also offer AWESOME party favors! A Dart Warz water bottle filled with a DW bracelet, candy, and a DW temp tattoo!
Party Size: 11-25
Cost: $300-$550

Scale Gymnastics Center

18002 East Clarke Rd., Parker CO 80134
We’ll bend over backwards to make your child’s day perfect! Treat them to a fun-filled gymnastics birthday they will flip for! Parties include private gym time, trampoline and games, party room, and balloons. Parents can sit back and relax while the Party Coordinators handle all of the fun!!!
Party Size: 11-25
Cost: $200

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz® offers fun themed LEGO® birthday parties! Kids love making their own motorized models, as well as play different games and contests while using LEGO® bricks. Our birthday parties are focused on having lots of fun, enjoying time with friends, playing games, and engaging in contests. Building a unique model and making it work by using a motor, battery, and remote control is an exciting bonus for every child. We even offer Robotics birthday parties for older kids!
Party Size: more than 25
Cost: $220 – $350+

Xtreme Challenge Arena

82 Inverness Drive East A2, Englewood CO 80112
Xtreme Challenge is an exciting arena filled with Ninja Warrior meets Wipe Out style group challenges for kids and adults.
Featuring over 30,000 square feet of mid air stunts, suspended obstacles, launching pulleys, and hang tough challenges.
BE A NINJA, Ride the Human Catapult, Fly like SUPER MAN or try the Hang Tough Aerial course! Specializing in exciting Birthday parties, Parent/Child Events and youth sports team-bonding packages. Every event is an adrenaline RUSH.”
Party Size: more than 25
Cost: $16.00 and up

Douglas County Libraries

100 South Wilcox Street, Castle Rock CO 80104
Available Saturday and Sunday, 2:30-4:30 p.m., for guests ages 0-5 or 6-12. Choose from Things That Roar, Once Upon a Time, or Folklore & Fantasy. Inclusions: free book for the guest of honor, email invitation, thank-you notes, goody bags, Eileen’s Colossal Cookies, setup/cleanup, and 20-30 minutes of planned activities.
Party Size: 11-25 Kids
Cost: $250.00

Great Play of Parker

18425 Pony Express Dr. Ste. 107, Parker CO 80134
Great Play of Parker offers high energy birthday parties for kids ages 1 to 10 years old. Great Play parties are 90 minutes of fun including our interactive throwing walls, games and time for cake. Great Play has six different themes to choose from including a Super Hero Party, Fun & Games and a Dance Party… Great Play offers endless age appropriate customization for the perfect party!
Party Size: 11-25
Cost: $224-$274

Dancing Princess Parties

19215 E Cottonwood Dr#713, Parker CO 80138
Dancing Princess Parties by Dance Exploration, LLC is a mobile party service. We provide standard dance parties (ballet, hip hop or cheerleading) as well as themed character parties including your favorite Princess or Super Hero Characters.
Party Size: Up to 10
Cost: $100-250

The Meadows Early Learning Center

9985 S Twenty Mile Rd, Parker CO 80134
An amazing indoor castle to host parties with a kitchen, community room and access to an outdoor playground.
Party Size: more than 25 Kids
Cost: $100-$150

Kids Menu

Kids Menu

Discounted and Free Kids Meals

Most parents would agree that it’s important, no matter what is going on throughout the day, when families sit down and eat dinner together. If you can swing a night out together, that’s even better because no one is getting stuck with loading the dishwasher! To sweeten the deal just a bit more, here’s a list of local restaurants that will lighten the load on your wallet when you’re eating with your kids as well!

***Participating restaurants may vary by location. Certain limitations/restrictions may apply.



IHOP: Kids eat free Mon-Fri from 4-9pm with adult entrée purchase

The Egg & I: Mondays -1 free kid’s meal per adult meal purchased

Village Inn: Mon & Tues: 1 free kid’s meal per adult meal purchased and don’t forget about “Free Pie Wednesday “ – Get a free slice with any dine in purchase

Lil Ricci’s: Tuesdays -1 free kid’s meal per adult meal purchased 4pm-close

Texas Roadhouse: Kids’ Night Every Monday 5-8pm – Balloon artist, applesauce eating contest, face painting, ice cream sundae bar (dine in only, not valid on holidays)

Jersey Mike’s: Wednesday – Kids eat free all day, one child per one regular sub combo purchased

Jozi’s Kitchen: Wednesday – Kids eat free w/ adult entrée purchase (after 4pm) – not valid with any other offer.



IHOP: Kids eat free Mon-Fri from 4-9pm with adult entrée purchase

Dickey’s BBQ Pit: Sunday – Free kid’s meal with adult entrée purchase

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant: Monday – One free kid’s meal w/ adult meal purchase ($9.75 and up)

Village Inn: Monday – Free kid’s meal per adult meal purchased

Black-Eyed Pea: Tuesday – Free kid’s meal with adult entrée purchase

The Rockyard: Tuesday – $2.50 off kids’ meal with adult entrée purchase

Applebee’s: Wednesday – $0.99 kid’s meals with adult entrée purchased – 3pm-close



Dickey’s BBQ Pit: Sunday – One free kid’s meal with adult entrée purchase

Firehouse Subs: Sunday – Up to 2 free kid’s meals w/ purchase of an adult combo meal

Via Baci Italian Bistro: Sunday – Kid’s meal is $2 w/ adult entrée purchase

Lodo’s Bar and Grill: Wednesday – Kids eat free w/ an adult meal purchase 6-9pm

DB & Pott’s: Thursday – Kid’s meal is $1 w/ adult entrée purchase

Buffalo Wild Wings: Monday – $1.99 kid’s meals after 4pm

Village Inn: Monday – One free kid’s meal per adult meal purchased

Mellow Mushroom: Monday – get $1 kid’s meal with every $15 spent

Brewery Bar III: Tuesday – One free kid’s meal with adult entrée ($7 or more)

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant: Sunday –Kids eat free 4pm-close

Culver’s: Kids 12 & U get free custard with purchase of a meal

CiCi’s Pizza: Kids 10&U (up to 4) can eat for 99¢ w/ purchase of an adult pizza and drink buffet at regular price

Maggiano’s: Sunday – Kids 5 and U eat free, check with local restaurant for participation

Marie Calendar’s: Tuesday – One free kids’ meal with each adult entrée purchased

Qdoba: Kids eat free on Sun or Wed – participation varies by location

Buffalo Wild Wings: Wednesday – 12 &U can order from kids’ menu for just $0.99 from 4-10pm

Fazoli’s: Tuesday – Get 2 kid’s meals for $0.99 each with purchase of 1 adult entrée. 12 & U, at participating restaurants 5-8pm

Which Wich: Mon and Sat – Kidswhich meals are $0.99 with purchase of 7” small Wich. 12 & U at participating locations



Gunther Toody’s Diner: Kids eat free Mondays (beverage & sundae included) from 11am-close w/ purchase of adult entrée

Joes Crab Shack: Monday – Kids 13&U eat free w/ adult entrée purchase (limit of 3 per party)

Romano’s Macaroni Grill: Mon & Tues – Kids 12&U eat free w/ adult entrée purchase

Brewery Bar IV: Tuesday – One free kid’s meal with adult entrée ($7 or more)

Denny’s: Wed – Kids eat free from 4-10pm w/ adult meal purchase

Fins and Noodles Italian & Seafood: Tues – Kids 10&U eat free with adult entrée purchase. Limit of 2 kids meals per adult entrée.

Lone Star Steakhouse: Tues – Kids eat free all day with purchase of adult entrée

Country Buffet: Thursday: Kids eat for 99¢ (limit 2) from 5-8pm with purchase of adult buffet

Golden Corral: Kids 3&U eat free everyday with adult meal purchase

Bent Noodle: 1 free kids’ meal with adult meal purchase daily

Applebees: Wednesday- Kids eat for 99¢ (limit 3 per adult)

IHOP: Kids eat free from 4-10pm (one child per adult) (days vary by location)

Atlanta Bread: Tuesday – One free kid’s meal with adult meal purchase after 4pm

Jason’s Deli: Wednesday – kids eat free 4-8pm, limit of 3 kids per adult

Ajuua Mexican: Monday – free kid’s meal with adult meal purchase

McCabe’s Bistro: Saturday and Sunday – kids’ meals are $1.00 each with an adult meal purchase

Text Neck and Blackberry® Thumbs

Text Neck and Blackberry® Thumbs

A Common Complaint in Our Kids

By Dr. Rebecca Hoeck, PT, DPT

Several years ago, “Text Neck and Blackberry® Thumbs” were nonexistent, but these complaints are becoming more common in our kids as they hunch over smartphones and tablets. Neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, hand and thumb pain from prolonged use of these devices creates significant wear and tear on the muscles, ligaments, joints and other tissues.

Placing your chin near your chest to view the mobile device, often more than a 60-degree angle, increases the pressure weight of the head from 10-12 pounds to about 60 pounds. This hunched posture changes the natural curvature of the neck creating more complaints in younger patients, problems that are normally seen in older adults due to age related changes. We often look down to read a book, write a message, prepare food or wash dishes. Texting and smartphone use, adds one more activity to this movement pattern, sometimes repeated compulsively up to four hours a day. Consequently, this repetitive activity may lead to pinched nerves, arthritis, bone spurs, damaged discs, muscle imbalances and restricted shoulder movement, as well as decreased breathing capacity.

To prevent Text Neck and back-related ailments:

  • Keep your head upright and in line with your eyes while viewing your device
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Learn proper posture and neck alignment
  • Learn exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles:
    • NECK RETRACTION: sit up tall with chin level, move your ears back and up without lifting your chin, hold for five seconds, repeat twenty times
    • CHEST STRETCH: stand in the middle of a doorway, place hands on both sides of the door frame, lean your body through the door, keeping arms on the frame, hold five seconds, repeat twenty times
    • SHOULDER BLADE SQUEEZE: pinching shoulder blades together, hold twenty seconds, repeat twenty timePut your smartphone down, go outside, and get moving!
  • See a professional if symptoms do not resolve

Blackberry® thumbs are a repetitive motion injury, induced by repetitive typing on a small keyboard. The thumbs become the main digits to text, click and scroll causing the thumbs to reach beyond their natural ranges of motion, or “thumb acrobats.” Reaching farther than designed, the thumbs are vulnerable to wear and tear injuries such as: osteoarthritis, “trigger thumb,” a form of tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling, wrist pain and hand weakness.

To prevent Blackberry® thumb and hand-related ailments:

  • Take tech holidays
  • Write shorter and fewer messages on your devices
  • Use a dictation feature
  • If you feel pain or strain, stop, rest, and stretch your hands
  • See a professional if symptoms do not resolve

Staying Connected with the Parker Police Department

Staying Connected with the Parker Police Department

By Josh Hans, Parker Police Department PIO
The Parker Police Department utilizes the community policing philosophy. We understand the importance of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address issues. Effective communication with residents is a critical component of community policing. Whether it’s through our website, social media or personal interaction, the more robust the dialogue, the more we understand the public’s needs and the better we can communicate our messages. In an effort to bring communication to Parker residents’ smartphones, the Parker Police Department has begun using an app, MyPD.

MyPD is a smartphone app that allows users to submit crime tips, ask questions, give feedback or read the latest PD news on their smartphone. In addition, users will find many other useful public safety tools aggregated on their app; crime maps, sex offender information, information on missing children and much more.

How it Works. When a user submits a tip or any other information, it generates an email that is sent to the Parker Police Department. The app has been designed so that each tip is sent to appropriate individuals responsible for each issue. If you submit a tip about an issue at a school, it is emailed to our Student Resource Officers and their Sergeant. Sending emails directly to those responsible will cut down on response time for each email. MyPD should not be used when immediate assistance is needed. For emergencies residents should dial 9-1-1.

The Parker Police Department also has the ability to send push notifications to app users. Smartphone users will be notified if there is an urgent message that we need to get to area residents. This allows users to be notified immediately with time sensitive information no matter where they are. We have received a lot of positive feedback about road closure notifications and the positive impact this has on Parker drivers.

The free smartphone app can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play. After download, users select the Parker Police Department as their local police department.